Former Microsoft Sales Guru Pat Mazza shares pro tips on closing sales deals in new digital WFH times

Tips from one of the most successful, influential sales executives, Pat Mazza.

Place, Date: The COVID-19 pandemic, with its remote digital work culture and WFH trends, has largely disrupted the business operations all across the world. Sales executives are struggling to close deals in the new-normal time, leaving sales figures in serious jeopardy. In that light, former Microsoft sales expert Pat Mazza has shared a bunch of pro tips on acing the closing game in today’s digital and WFH times.

The leading sales guru has shared as many as 6 tips for the sales executives today.

1. Count on video-based interaction

Face-to-face interaction helps to build trust and goes a long way in convincing a potential customer about an offer- and eventually in closing a deal. The current social distancing restrictions have put a bar on physical interactions with customers in most of the places which has affected the conversion rate of deals big time.

But, according to Mr. Mazza, a video-based interaction system would be handy here. Although it won’t be exactly like a physical meet, at least it would help to bring that desired “human” touch in a sales negotiation.

He also stressed that video-based live interaction helps to offer a clearer picture of the benefits of the deal to customers and resolve misunderstandings- which might otherwise be a major factor in thwarting the closure of a deal.

2. Ditch the cold calls and hard pitch

“We are passing through a very vulnerable time right now and we all are looking for some degree of comfort and care from the other person. The same goes for your potential customers. So, it’s not the right time to push those cold calls or hard pitches their way- those conventional tactics might repel them away. A sensible channel would be to adjust your sales message in a way that would present your sales offer but would do that wrapped with some TLC”, stated Pat Mazza.

He stressed that the strategy would go a long way in earning respect from the potential customer and paving the way for a successful business relationship for the near future.

3. Steady engagement over social media

“Did you know social sellers tend to attract 45 percent more closing opportunities compared to their peers? Yes, ‘social selling’ is the go-to word for every sales executive today, especially in the current new-normal times, defined by remote business, digital revolution, WFH culture.”

4. Close in the nick of time

According to Mr. Mazza, a sales executive can sell only up to a certain limit. S/he should be aware of the right “timing” to shift from pitching to actually closing the deal.

But, he has also emphasized that one must not waste time and energy on one particular client if s/he shows no sign of conversion for long. It’s better to move on to the next when one still has time.

5. Modify deal in tune with current scenario

The 5th tip from Mr. Mazza focuses on adapting the sales offer as per the current demand of customers in the new normal era. For example, a customer today might want a more flexible return and full refund policy as s/he is not able to  check out a product physically. So, it’s better the sales executives adjust the deals accordingly.

6. Don’t shift from “close” zone

“The moment you will find your potential customer inching towards the ‘closing’ zone, don’t shift”, Mr. Mazza added in.

He emphasized that if the sales executive tends to shift at such a crucial time, the customer might soon develop second thoughts. The sales executive should make the client feel confident about the deal s/he is going to sign up with.

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