Foods For Overall Wellness

Food glorious food. Surely can say everyone has his own favorite food. Most of us have the privilege to choose foods but all are not so fortunate. The funny thing is that we are living in such a time when we have the highest obesity rate and hunger index together. World is paying more attention to food than nutrition. Whatever is your fitness goal, you have to focus on nutrition rather than food’s amount, deliciousness, cost, and other factors. Even living a general healthy lifestyle you need nutrients. Food is the natural source of nutrients. So, we always pay attention to the nutrients value of it. If you feel that you need some specific nutrients to achieve a fitness goal, you can rely on supplements like whey protein, and others. But consult the fitness experts before incorporating it. Here you are exposed to such foods which help you to achieve overall wellness.

  • Calories Dense Foods: People need calorie to do intense workout, daily routine, mental activities, and many more. Unlike other nutrients, we can get the calorie dense foods easily. Some are healthy one and some are unhealthy but all these are calories densed. The question is whether we can gorge on anything that we stumbled upon. Direct answer is “No”. We can’t do so. Junk foods and processed foods are also big sources of calories but these are not good for health. You feel lazy after having them. Instead of them adapt natural sources of calories dense foods including: Milk, whey protein, bananas, green leafy vegetables, whole grain, nuts, potatoes, beet roots, corn, quinoa, sweet potatoes, oats, and many others.
  • Fats Rich foods: Most of us are scared when they are told to take fat rich foods because they think that fats are their enemy. It is not right. The fat we see around our belly is stored calories. It is found that our meal consists of carbs in larger amounts than any other nutrients. If we include fats in our diet, it will boost our metabolism and help us to gain a healthy weight. Along with that fat rich foods are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients that help you in fat burning and fight against malnutrition. So, eat fish like salmon, marckel, crabs, other sea foods, meat, nuts, seeds, and others and get a good amount of good fats in your diet.
  • Protein Rich: It is not like that we are not having protein rich foods around us but we avoid them to incorporate in our diet. People eat things to reward their taste buds usually, so they mainly focus on fats, carbs, and salts for this purpose. Protein reduces your cravings to carbs. To get the protein you have to consider eggs, lamb, meat, fish, chicken, daily products, supplements like whey protein, and others.

Pure and natural foods are the way to keep you healthy. These are full of nutrients that help in boosting immunity and lead to a happy lifestyle. So, never compromise with the quality of your foods.

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