Five Tips to Keep in Mind When You Encounter a Wildlife in Your Gaithersburg Home

When you encounter a wild animal in your home, there are things you should and should not do. What you do and don’t do can save you some trouble or even save your life. When it comes to wildlife, you want to prioritize your safety first. And it is best to rely on a Gaithersburg Wildlife Removal professional to handle a wildlife issue for you.  Keep the following in mind when you encounter wildlife in your home:

Do Come into Contact with It

When you see a wild animal, do not try to touch it. It’s best to contact a removal company for help. Wild animals can be aggressive and may bite you. Also, they may introduce an illness to you when you touch them. 

Don’t Deal with the Animal on Your Own

As a homeowner, you can come up with a plan to get rid of a wild animal from your home. However, there are important things you must keep in mind. You must determine if you can identify all possible entry points for wildlife, your ability to prevent re-entry, when the law allows wildlife removal, and your ability to get rid of a wild animal from its young. Also, consider if you can decontaminate the infested area, and replace the insulation in the attic when damaged. You must take steps to prevent the animal from getting back into its nest or den site. 

Do Not Use Traps

Did you know that using animal traps can harm the mother, the babies, and your house? Experienced wildlife removal experts recommend not using traps by yourself. Only professionals know how to handle this method safely and properly.

Do Not Corner the Animal

If you need to engage with the wild animal in your house, avoid making sudden movements that can corner it. If a wild animal such as a raccoon or squirrel feels threatened, they will try to defend themselves. If you come across a wild animal, do not engage with it and wait for a wildlife removal expert to handle it. By not cornering the animal, it feels less threatened and may not attack you. 

Do Not Feed the Animal

In general, animals can find food by themselves, but feeding them is not a good idea. You want to be as far away from it as possible and avoid enticing it to find food in the future. When you feed the animal, you may encounter it again in your house. 

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