Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jewelry Store

The gem and jewelry business plays a significant role in the economy. By India Law Offices’ assessment, it is a leading foreign exchange earner and one of the fastest expanding industries in India.

The Latest Jewelry Industry Facts

With a 6% increase in sales, the retail jewelry industry in the United States grew by 10.7 percent in 2013. In the United States, the industry is worth $71.3 billion. The following are growth rates in the jewelry store in Atlanta that the online marketplace should consider.

The Jewelry Trade

  1. Specialty Jewelry store Alpharetta accounts for more than 43 percent of the industry’s total US sales.
  2. The state of the economy has a significant impact on the jewelry market. There was an 11% reduction in the industry during the recession.
  3. Europe, China, and the United States are the top three markets for luxury jewelry store in Atlanta.
  4. The total number of jewelry businesses has decreased by one percent per year in the last few years.
  5. Retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers are eroding the market share of specialized jewelers.
  6. Americans spent 68.43 US dollars per consumer unit on watches in 2012.

Jewelry Making from the Inside Out

Jewelry store Atlanta is featured in a behind-the-scenes film below, in which he discusses the inspiration and attention to detail that go into each of his designs.

Segment revenue in the jewelry industry

  1. Fine jewelry from jewelry store in Alpharetta sales rose 6% to $61.9 billion in the year.
  2. Fine watch sales grew by 5.8% and totaled $9.4 billion in the second quarter.
  3. The number of wholesale jewelry sellers rose by 2.4%.
  4. Diamond generated $27 billion in income, with 40% of the world’s demand coming from the US.

Demographics of Jewelry Purchasers

The following infographic examines the usual traits and anatomy of a jewelry buyer. Product quality, a store’s reputation, and the honesty of a salesperson are some of the most commonly sought-after qualities while purchasing jewelry.

Facts to Consider

Gold jewelry and diamonds from Jewelry store Alpharetta  make up the bulk of this industry’s offerings in India. Around 80% of the Indian jewelry market is made up of gold. In addition, the diamond cutting and polishing industry in India is the largest in the world. Around 50 banks have provided nearly $3 billion in loans to India’s diamond industry, highly supported by government policy and banking.

Even today, most of the jewelry produced in India is still fashioned by hand. India was one of the first countries to create beautiful jewellery from minerals and metals.

Diamonds were introduced to the globe by India, which was also the first to mine, cut, polish, and trade them. India is a centuries-old practice to cut and polish diamonds and other valuable stones. Indian diamonds currently hold a 55% value share and an 80% caratage (weight) share of the world diamond market.

Only the Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation of India (MMTC) and the State Bank of India (SBI) were permitted to import gold until the Indian economy was liberalized in 1991. It was abolished in 1992, allowing large exporters to import gold without restrictions.

In 1993, gold and diamond mining was opened up to private investors and allowed foreign investors to possess half of the shares in mining ventures.

As of 2001, India was the world’s largest consumer of gold, consuming 855 tonnes annually, of which 95% was fashioned into jewelry.


In the jewelry sector, branding appears to be a big market trend. As pointed out by India Law Offices, branded jewelry (which currently accounts for less than 4% of the market) is expected to rise in the jewelry industry. Royal Design Fine Jewelry is a good place to start if you want to learn more.

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