Five Most Attractive Game in the World – 2020 Rankings

A variety of factors affect the Vogue of the sport. In this article, we will show you the most attractive marks in the world concerning the fan base, earnings, number of clubs, players etc. Now we will be discussing some top most attracting game in this world.


Football is the most viewed or attracted game in the 21st century of the world. Football and Soccer have the two names which take the different name with two different continents. You will obey a heap of people say that Soccer is the second most popular thing in life.

You can believe that the investigating is say 3.3 and 3.5 billion people in the world enjoying Soccer. It means a total of half of the people in the world supporting this popular game actively. You will notice a heap of younger people who want to become Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar etc. In 200 countries in the world currently have 250 million professional soccer players.

All of the people are not capable of going to the field and inspired their choosable players. That is the reason football is the popular game when we tell about viewership on television. The billions of people are watching their favourite game in front of the television. We can say to an example to clarify that the 2018 world cup had 3.2 billion people shows their favourite game in television.


Most of the people cannot believe that second place taken another most attracting game in the world is cricket. Indeed, this game is not popular in all the region of the world. Cricket fans all over the world situated in Asia across the globe. Clearly said that the sport incredibly unique in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka in the Asian country. Investigating that currently two or more billions of cricket fans are located in the United Kingdom and Australia. This sport most showed in Asian countries on television. In 2015 world Cup over the world 2.2 billion people are watching this game on television.


Basketball is taken place on the third position infamous game in the world. It has been supporting two or three million people over the world. The basketball fans live in Canada, the United States of America, China and some other developing countries in the world. It has a significant number of fans in situated in Balkan Region.

In the United States of America enjoys this game is more popular than another country. You cannot imagine that the NBA is the more attracting and enjoyable league over the world.


Okay, it’s better to notice one topic since we talk about this game.

We can tell “hockey”, we involve both typewrite – ice and filed. We can see the number supporter then the game taken place third place. It has about 2.3 billion current supporters in different states. Still, basketball took place third for the number another cause. Hockey is a national sport in many countries such as India, Pakistan. The popularity of hockey is not more prevalent in all parts of the world. However, hockey has a significant number of amount of supporter. The hockey fans live in the United States of America, Canada, Russia, and Sweden. This game is not as fascinating as the former game that we showed.


We will end this table with the most beautiful individual game- tennis. You will find tennis supporter around the world. Nevertheless, we want to notice that this game is generally more attracting in financially developing countries.

Currently, Novak Djokovic, the best playmaker in the world, has increased the popularity of this game in the Balkans. One thing is to notice that these states are not financially stronger. Moreover, you will find a tremendous amount of online casino through internet.

According to, the number of tennis fans worldwide is just over 1 billion.

Viewership on TV is not the same for every tournament. On an average, 4 billion people watch these four tournaments each every season.

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