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Five Fun Things to Do With Your Smartphone

You do not have to be technically savvy to make the best use of your smartphone. Daily, most people use their phones for online and offline purposes. Some online services include sending electronic mail, online banking, playing online games like online poker, etc. The most common offline use of smartphones includes making calls, sending text messages, watching or making videos, taking pictures, and playing offline games. Phone developers have revolutionized the functions of a smartphone by including new features and software that make your smartphone indispensable. Almost everyone uses a smartphone nowadays, and though it has numerous features, most users still stick to the standard generic purposes. A phone can be an excellent resource for a user who maximizes its purpose for activities. Here are five fun things you can do with your smartphone.

Taking Pictures

When making plans to purchase a phone, most people would ensure to research phones with excellent camera specifications. The world is generally moved by what we see, so phone users prioritize phones that can take great selfies and pictures of their kids and pets. Aside from taking cute pictures, you could also use your phone to document instant occurrences. For instance, you can take a picture of a van that hit a pedestrian or the license plate of the uber carrying your kids or take photos of car registration numbers if you want to report them.

Playing online games

There are apps for everything on most app stores, whether you are an android user or IOS. You can even download and play online casino games; if you want to make money from playing them, you have to decide between a real money casino and a freely accessible casino game. Examples of online casino games you can make money from include online slots, online poker, online baccarat, etc. You can dabble in gambling with these games, make real money, and have fun. Almost all popular casinos have mobile apps, and only a few do not have mobile-friendly sites.

Players should note that while playing online games like poker, it is prudent to play wisely; you should only play games that you have practiced. Also, it is essential to set and stick to a specific budget. Most importantly, whether it is a high-paying online casino or any other online gaming platform, you should remember that games are a recreational and relaxing option; hence if you win anything, it is just a bonus.

Fitness and Calories Tracking

Staying fit and slim is one of the ways most people take care of their health; plus, it doesn’t hurt that it makes you look brighter and more attractive. Most people invest in either a fitness watch or band to time their daily exercise and calorie intake. However, most people are unaware that they can do all of these with their phones; this completely extinguishes the need to buy a separate fitness tracker. Most smartphones can count your steps; it can also help with your nutrition and calories when you input details of every meal in it. You can make the best of your smartphone and save the extra cost of hiring a nutritionist or fitness band.

Setting Reminders and Remembering Dates

Most phones either come with a diary or calendar app, and it helps reminds users constantly of important dates and appointments. With a virtual assistant, you do not even need to type the reminder in personally; you can get your phone assistant to input the time and date and remind you when you want. Also, your phone can serve as your virtual diary, especially when making appointments while you are outside of your office or home. You will lose the necessity to carry around a physical journal with your phone.

Use Your Phone as a Video Game Console

If you are a video game lover, the option to extend the purpose of your phone as a video game console would sound appealing. Most smartphones now allow users to connect their smartphone and use it as a controller. When you use your smartphone as a controller, your gaming experience will be more enjoyable. Aside from these, you can spend your free time downloading games of your choice and playing them at your convenience.

Smartphone games also allow players to socialize and make new friends through the chatbox interface.


As a parent, you can use your smartphone to control the kind of games your kids can access and play, control their screentime and help improve their concentration level.

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