Finding the Right Tools for your Teeth Recommended by the Dentist in Eugene

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a good oral health and hygiene. Failing to have one might lead to dental problems and issues in which case you’d want to schedule an appointment in Quest Dental. Good oral hygiene encompasses brushing and flossing regularly, to go with good oral hygiene you would also need the best tools that would suit your needs perfectly.

Toothbrushes are a staple in every household, they’re important for everyday use and an essential tool that any dentist would recommend using. Toothbrushes are an important tool used in conjunction with toothpastes which help maintaining healthy gums and sparkling teeth. Let’s talk about things to consider when picking the right toothbrush for you.


Bristles can come in 3 varieties – soft, medium and hard. For the vast majority of consumers, soft-bristled toothbrushes are the safest and comfortable choice. Soft bristles are generally gentle to your teeth and gums, it can reach harder places that the other bristles can’t and can help promote and improve blood flow across your gums.

Medium bristles are used in situations where you want more effective cleaning than soft bristles, however can be harmful to the gums if too much pressure is applied. Similarly, hard bristles are the same and not recommended for everyday use as while they can be too hard on the gums, they can also be a bit too hard on the teeth. It is only recommended for occasional use for cleaning duties such as stain removal. Ideally it is used for cleaning dentures and the like.


The best size to use for most consumers are small sized brush heads. Most adult consumers would want a size that’s half an inch wide. Coupled by this you should also have long toothbrush handles that are comfortable enough for one to hold and angle inside their mouth.

Toothpastes along with toothbrushes promote oral hygiene. It is a gel-like substance that helps in cleaning teeth and removing bits of food left in the mouth. Choosing a toothpaste all boils down to personal preference as most toothpastes are generally the same. A brand that is approved by the ADA or similar organizations is safer and preferred. Moreover, fluoride is a factor as this helps prevent teeth decay and is a remineralizer to areas with decay. Fluoridated toothpaste is the most common type of toothpaste used by most consumers however there are various other types such as:

Children’s Toothpaste

Generally, they contain less fluoride than adults to reduce any health risks if children might accidentally ingest it. It is also easier on the gums and teeth as children are more sensitive than adults.

Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

Some consumers have teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold substances or might have gingivitis or similar ailments. Specialized toothpaste is produced with additional ingredients such as potassium nitrate that help alleviate any unpleasant sensation associated with their conditions.

Herbal Toothpaste

Similar to the previous entry, this type of toothpaste is for consumers who are sensitive or allergic with the ingredients found in common toothpaste. In most cases, this toothpaste doesn’t contain any fluoride as it offers a more natural way of cleaning your teeth.

Teeth are a vital and beautiful part of our body; we should always take care of them to the best of our abilities. If you are still unsure on what to get, consider asking a dentist for any tips and recommendations.

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