Find Out if Your Date or New Employee Has a Busted Mugshot Online

Have you been seeing someone recently and it’s getting serious? Do you have your qualms about their past because they aren’t going into detail? Or maybe you’re a small business owner? You may have found the ideal candidate to work for you but have concerns about their criminal history or potential for theft. That’s where you may want to explore for a mugshot online, possibly learning of an arrest in that person’s past or even a conviction on certain counts. Let’s take a look at what these services may have to offer.

What is a mugshot?

A mugshot is an official image that is taken of a person when they are arrested. That photograph is processed by law enforcement agencies to serve as a clear record that identifies the accused within a criminal case. In most criminal cases, these pictures are public documents unless otherwise stated by authorities. You can contact a local sheriff’s office for clarification within that jurisdiction, or you can rely on outlets like Busted Mugshot to find out about arrest records as quickly as possible across the United States.

Mugshots have three sides: front photographic view, left side of the suspect, and right side of the suspect. As this is a matter of public record, business users are able to have detailed information about current inmates and arrest history right at their fingertips. This allows for a personal user to comb through things like an inmate roster or reach out to a sheriff’s office for more information. Searching through these pictures can help subscribers and business owners in circumstances that may require services beyond their realm. It can show how to contact the right local sheriff’s office or other authorities to get assistance with any legal matter.

The Mugshot Process

When people get arrested, they must go through a standard booking process for most sheriff’s offices. That’s where a police officer will collect personal information about arrestees, usually starting by obtaining information on some form of state-issued identification, commonly a driver’s license. The key elements are first name, last name, and date of birth. Having this correct information is critical, as you don’t want someone with the same name having their name dragged through the legal process.

This confusion could also cost you by missing out on a great relationship just because they have the same name as someone with an extensive rap sheet. Mugshots are used in legal proceedings for the sake of identifying defendants. These photographs can be used beyond just a booking, as they are sometimes distributed to the general public in circumstances that may act as a warning to residents, such as a person who escaped apprehension by officers.

Monitoring Mugshots

Online search engines allow users to delve into public records to better understand a person’s background through a licensed check. Websites offer up a mugshot search that updates on a daily basis. This populates arrest records from across the United States. Users can view real mugshots or details on an inmate from the information center in accordance with FCRA rules based on the online service you use. These rules follow the best practices of the court of law within their respective jurisdiction.

These arrest reports can help companies of any size gain knowledge of a particular situation, or just a person looking to garner some trust in their relationship. It’s possible that an applicant or suitor was arrested but may not have been convicted of a crime. It’s important to remember the old adage “innocent until proven guilty.” Search engines can help users comb through profiles to better understand the situation and offer up some peace of mind whether you are hiring someone or welcoming a new love into your life.

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