Fence Installation Tips

Whether you live in an outdoor space or a big ranch, fence contractor are important structures to have around your home. They help you mark your territory, keep your environment safe, and maintain your privacy. The right type of fence can even offer a beautiful background for a garden.  Install a fence to keep your pet safe! Here’s the best time to install a fence of year to do it!

Fences are great for families with kids and pets and help them limit their movement to the confinement of your home. Besides security, fences can beautify your home and create a whole new look. They can also help minimize the sound of neighbouring yards and traffic.

It isn’t uncommon to see fences around homes in Calgary as they are essential demarcations to have and to the Calgary landscaping. However, new homeowners in Calgary or residents who intend to repair their fences need to know a bit or two about how to go about it. Here are tools that make fence construction or replacement easy:

1)   Consult the law before marking out or installing the fence

Before deciding to fence your home, ensure you consult your local building codes to check the rules, regulations, and limitations of what to build and what not to. Pay attention to the lower height, dug holes, fence styles, and fines.

However, a building permit is required in some cases.

2)   Pick the right material

Like decking, choosing the right fencing material is an important decision. Each fencing material has its pros and cons, however, wood is a common fencing material as it blends well with the Calgary landscaping.

Wood is the most desired fencing material known for its inexpensive nature. It is environmentally friendly, attractive, and easy to install. It is durable and can last for years. Common wood types for fencing are cedar and redwood, although teak is sometimes used.

Click here to know how sustainable is cedar fencing.

Pressure-treated woods are also used as they are resistant to infestation or breakage. Lately, bamboo materials are now incorporated into fence making.

Metal fences are also available and are also becoming popular. Metal materials like wrought iron and aluminum are popular metal fencing choices and only fit specific aesthetics as opposed to wood. Certain metals can be painted to match the home’s view. Although they are prone to rusting, they last for a long time.

Polyvinyl chloride fences are gaining more recognition. They are inexpensive, easy to install as they work like stakes, and also a perfect way to reduce the cost of wood and the number of felled trees. Fence Calgary offers fence construction and renovations to Calgary residents with ease.

3)   Choose a pre-existing design or create your new style

Beyond materials, fencing also comes in different styles. Before choosing a fence style, ensure it matches the aesthetics in mind, offer great functionality to you, kids, and pets, and offers maximum protection.

Privacy fences are common fence types in Calgary and are known to be high panels that are joined together. They offer closure and maximum protection. A lattice fence is also common as it adds a decorative feel to the yard, although it blocks the home sightlines.

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