Feet Hazards and How to Protect Yourself

You will learn the common hazards that your feet are vulnerable to and the best way to protect yourself from them.

When it comes to work place safety, one of the areas you need to be protecting is your feet. Feet are prone to many injuries like, burns, cuts, electric shock and many others. You cannot give a 100% at work if you are constantly worried about what might happen to your feet. One of the ways to protect your feet is to have foot wears that fit your work environment.


Burns are a common hazard in work place. You can get burns from fire or chemicals. Even things like cement can cause burns. The boots you have should be made of materials that don’t burn easily so as to protect your feet against burns.


Cuts are another common injury that you encounter in work environments. Especially if you work in a Saw Mill or logging industry. The turning chains can cut you if they come into contact with your leg. The safety boots you have should be made of materials that cannot be easily cut.

Injury from Falling Objects

In most environment there will be materials that need to be carried either by people or machines. The materials may fall on your feet causing injury. Foot wear made of steel toes will protect you from severe foot injury.


When working in construction industries punctures are a common hazard that you will encounter.The punctures are mainly from sharp objects left on the ground or that could fall from above. your footwear should be made of heavy sole and thick surrounding material. Foot wear will not eliminate the threat but will make the injuries less severe.

Electrical Threats

People who work in Electrical environment face dangers such electric shock. The safety boot you wear should be made of non-conductive materials like, rubber, leather. The boots will protect you from being electrocuted if you step on a live wire.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls are common in all working environment. You can slip and fall due to slippery floors. You can also fall from ladders. You should always wear boots with proper treads and appropriate traction.The boots you wear should also fit well and be comfortable to increases your balance and reduce the chances of falling when you slip.

 Back Injury

If you work in environments that you are require to stand for long hours, back injury is a likely to occur.  Standing for long hours over a long period of time will strain your back causing injuries. Your foot wear should have insoles that support the arch.  Your weight will be distributed evenly givinggood support to your whole body, so that when standing you do not strain your back

Feet are vulnerable to many injuries. But with proper footwear you can eliminate some entirely or reduce the seriousness of some when they happen. The best way to protect your foot wear is to invest in a good and durable footwear. Go out and buy the best that will be appropriate for your particular work environment.

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