Fashion Magazines for Men: Top 5 Collection of 2022

Get ready to see the awesome collection of fashion magazines for men. If you want to follow the latest fashion trends and lead a chic lifestyle, make sure you have them in your collection. The times when fashion was ruled by ladies exclusively are over. Modern male fashion magazines are interesting to follow because they cover up-to-date topics, such as wellness, sports, books, movies, technology, innovations, career recommendations, etc. Regardless of your interests, you will find many interesting things to help you grow as a personality and a man of fashion. We have prepared for you a Top 5 list of male fashion magazines, related to lifestyle and the latest fashion trends in 2022.

1. GQ

GQ is a shortcut for Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine. It is the first magazine in our listing that mainly targets the male audience. This magazine knows how to attract men’s attention by presenting new fashion trends, healthy lifestyle, and an open-minded way of living a happy life. You will find many articles about celebrities, sportsmen, and ordinary people who are the inspirers for a modern society. The magazine addresses a diverse variety of interests of men, starting from barbering tips and ending with celebrities’ life stories.

2. Man’s World

Man’s World is also known as MW Magazine. It is a famous Indian edition about the luxury lifestyle of men. Every page looks fresh and vibrant to inspire modern Indian gentlemen. MW Magazine reveals the freshest global fashion trends, news about cars, real estate, sporty lifestyle, etiquette rules, books, movies, and TV shows. You should not miss the sections about theater, drinks, cuisine,traveling, music, and a lifestyle full of adventures.

3. The Man

This male-oriented magazine is totally devoted to men’s fashion and lifestyle. It is the second Indian magazine we can’t ignore because it is awesome. You will find a lot of awesome publications about fashion, ladies, world cuisine, blockbuster movies, cars, art, celebrities, night clubs, and many more. The magazine has everything that inspires and energizes modern men.

4. FHM

FHM is one of the most well-known magazines in the world. It specializes in fashion and stylish lifestyle. It is popular among men of all ages because there are articles for all age groups and interests. The magazine gets updated every month, making all men feel excited to get a fresh copy. You will find a lot of articles about dating tips, stylists’ advice, worldwide news, lifestyle hacks, entertainment, fitness trends and sports activities.

5. Esquire

Esquire does not need the presentation. Every man knows it! It is a long lasting male magazine devoted to fashion. Most publications are focusing on typical male interests, such as barber trends, luxury way of traveling, and chic watch guides. Esquire has interesting interviews of celebrities, politicians, and other influential men who start worldwide fashion trends and inspire millions of men globally. You will enjoy reading engaging articles full of tips, lifehacks, and daily portions of inspiration.

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