Fascinating Details about Juicer Machines – Must Read

Juicer, also called a juice extractor, is a machine used to extract juice from herbs, vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, and herbs. In Kenya, juicers are affordable since most people use them. This article talks about different types of commercial juicers in Kenya.

When producing juice, the juice extractor spins and cuts quickly to separate the juice from its cover, seeds, or pulp. The machine’s quality, type, and durability determine the price of a juicer. Kenya is one of the many countries that participate in selling commercial juicers. Therefore, the cost of the juice extractor is always based in Kenya.

Below are different types of juicer machines:

Centrifugal juicers

All varieties of fruits are sliced quickly by this type of juice extractor machine. It is most liked and common in the market. It is quick and produces excellent and tasty juice. However, the juice made by the juicer is less healthy than with another juicer because its blade spin faster, extracting all nutrients in the fruit.

Masticating juicer

It works by pressing and crushing the produce. This juice extractor produces the most nutritious juice than the juice made by centrifugal juicers. The juicer is slower than any other juicer but is the most expensive.

They are two types of activating juicers, horizontal and vertical. The vertical has a nice look and takes less space, but they are slower.

It squeezes and slabs all types of fruits. They are different types of this type of juice extractors. Stationary reamer enables depressing and fruit turning. An electrical reamer is automatic because it uses electricity.

Steam juicer

This is one of the unique juicers since it creates fruit juice to be consumed later; contrary to that consumed later, fruits kill the enzymes in the fruit, making it last longer. The lack of enzymes makes it. The fruit produced by them is highly concentrated and thus is not perishable. It can last longer even if refrigerated.

Manual press juicer

This type of user is not automatic and hence requires a lot of user effort. The user has to compress the juice hard to get the juice. It has a mash that keeps the pulp and produces juice at the bottom. It is known to be the most straightforward. It makes healthy juice since no enzyme is killed. The commercial juicer price in Kenya is the most favorable to all the customers consuming fruit juice.

Triturating Juicer

It has two gears used to grind the produce inserted between them. The gears are made to tightly fit each other and grind the fruit, producing juice and leaving only the pulp. This type of juicer can also grind kale and all different kinds of vegetables well than any other juicer. The gears are expensive, making the triturating juicer the most costly.

What to consider when buying a juicer

Health produce

The most important thing to consider when choosing a juicer is its healthy product. Not all juicer produces healthy products. Since most users are sick and kids, juicers producing healthy products are in demand, increasing their costs. Though expensive, the product brings more nutrients into our bodies.

Another important consideration is the noise produced by the machine. For those living in an apartment or with kids, the most commented juicer for them is that with less noise. This can be more expensive but conducive to all.


People may want juice in a hurry, so the demand for quick juicers increases with its advantage. A quick juicer is the best price.

In conclusion, a juice compressor is more important in our homes since anyone, including kids, can easily consume fruit. The different types of juicers have other qualities, hence the difference in the price of each juicer—the importance of juiceris that it’s good for the sick and young kids.

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