Factors to Consider While Developing A Video Streaming App

The demand for television is decreasing as people are starting to show more interest in video streaming applications nowadays. There is a huge growth in the industry of video streaming applications due to complete control over the videos. Here you can watch your favorite shows without any hassle. People have now lost their interest in television and moved towards apps to watch their favorite series or movie.

Hence, there is a massive demand for video streaming app development. There is a considerable increment in these kinds of applications that are downloaded from the play store. It fulfills all the users’ needs and gives them the power to watch the videos later. So, if you are also interested in building this kind of application, then here you will get overall information on this. In this article, we will describe the types of streaming applications and their features!

What are the different types of streaming applications?

There are so many kinds of video streaming applications that you can get from the app store. If you are looking to build an application like those you can find in the play store, then check out the following!

Live broadcasting applications: This is one of the most popular apps where you can watch real-time videos and record them. Even you can broadcast them. By developing a video streaming app, you can share live videos with your audience. Some of the major examples of live broadcasting applications are YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, and Livestream.

1. Video on Demand Streaming: In this, the users can watch the TV series as well as the movies through any device. It also gives control to the users. But here, an individual needs to pay an amount to enjoy the contents. Some of the best examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, etc.

2. Audio streaming: In this application, users can listen to songs through online media without downloading them. Some of the good examples Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.

3. TV Live Streaming App: This is another live streaming application where you can watch all the content of TV. Here you can watch sports shows, tv shows, and series, and some of the examples are Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.

Is it reasonable to invest in this industry?

After considering the ongoing demand for video streaming applications, we can say that it is worth investing in them. These applications are witnessing incomparable growth as compared to others. If we talk about the people, then there were almost 182 million people who subscribed to these kinds of applications on their devices in the year 2019. In 2021 the industry will grow up to $70.50 billion, as per the report. If we consider the figures and statistical values, then the incredible growth of this industry makes your investment worth it.

Advance Features of Video Streaming Application

1. Easy login or sign up: These applications should have the facility to integrate user-friendly registration choices. Moreover, the registration process in these applications should be easy and short. It feels really irritating for the users to fill up multiple fields, which are not necessary. Along with that, any user should be able to log in by using any of the social media applications!

2. Define each field: These applications are easily accessible, no doubt, and when a user signs up with this, then each field is defined and explained briefly.

3. Track the behaviors of users: This kind of application tracks the behaviors of users. It tracks which kind of content a user wants to watch. Moreover, it suggests the contents to the users according to their search history. It also offers push notifications, and when a user clicks on them, it shares the same kind of content on their device.

4. High-quality streaming: These applications are widely popular across the globe because it ensures high-quality videos to the users. The app decides the quality of the video itself depending upon the internet connection of the users.

5. Recommended algorithms: The applications have the power to filter the contents according to the ranking and reviews collected by the users. Along with that, it shows a notification to the users.

6. Get real-time analytics: With the help of these applications, the admin is able to get real-time analytics according to the charts, dashboards, and growth reports on the admin panel. With the help of this, an admin can make a unique strategy for the marketing plans.

7. In-App Voice Assistance: The application has in-app voice assistance that works similarly to Siri on iPhone. It helps to make things easier and also saves time. You can listen to your favorite content without touching and typing them.

8. CRM Integration: The video streaming application also contains the CRM integration where you can talk with the managers and give your feedback on the app. In this way, you can enhance your experience.

9. Loyalty Program: If you also want to build this kind of application or have loyal users on your app, then you should make a loyalty program for them. In this, you have to give rewards to your user to enhance their interest.

10. Data Storage facility: The application also has a data storage facility where you can save your data for the future. Here the broadcasting stream tracks the user’s device and allows them to watch the videos. It deletes the archived data automatically once they completed watching this.

Furthermore, it has many other features like screen sharing options, safe and secure payment facility options, etc.!

What is the estimated cost for the video streaming app development?

Like other applications, the cost of this depends on their features, size, and software integration. To build this, you can hire a video streaming app development company. There may be different costs based on the locations. For example, U.S. developers may charge $60 to $270 per hour, whereas Indian developers will ask you for $50 to $150 per hour. The cost of the development process also depends upon the time spent by the developers.


After reading the article, you must have got a generalized idea of developing a compatible video streaming application for the users. Search for the mobile app development agency near your location and build an application for providing entertainment to the people!

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