Factors to Consider When Buying Roller Mills in Kenya

A rolling mill is a machine used to crush things like maize and other dry cereals. Roller millers come at different prices. The price difference is the result of features and specs like single, dual, or hybrid, and types of cereals to crush. Maize roll mills are cheaper because they are more available than other millers.

When going to buy a roller mill, you need to know what to look for and test in a roll mill not to buy a fake or a below standards machine.


The right weight for a roller mill is 17,500 Kgs. Any machine that weighs too low or higher than this is either not well manufactured and may face one or two difficulties in giving the best results.

Work length

The working length of a roll face is 400 mm. This length is neither too large nor small. It is the best length for any user of any height and width as he or she can work comfortably within this length.

Rotation speed

The maximum rotation speed is 30 revolutions per minute, and the minimum is 15 revolutions per minute. A good roller mill should revolve between those digits. One operating at a slower speed than 15 rpm is not economical and may waste your time by spending a lot of time on a single mill while that running higher than 30 rpm is beneficial but may end up causing too much friction on some parts or cause breakage to others.

Engine power

The engine is the power strength, and it should be about 60/80. It is an adequate strength to be able to handle any crushing such as milling of extra dry seeds and that of medium dried seeds. Thoroughly dry seeds require more engine power to not only turn the rolls but to cause crushes.

Roll space

Roll space is 350 mm maximum and 300 mm minimum. It is the space where you put the items to be rolled. Space should range in the measurements given to ensure the rolls are crushed well and also the engine run is not over or underworked.


Torque is related to engine power and force that helps the machine work the way it does. The maximum torque/ roll is 30 revolutions per minute, and the minimum is 15 rpm.


3.2*1.8*2.1 in three-dimension measurements. A machine with lower dimension measurements is somehow unproportioned and may make the user experience some hardships while working around it.


The nominal diameter for the rolls is 400 mm.

Shaft turning angle

A turning angel of -/+ 12 degrees is okay for a roll mill.

In conclusion, when checking for a roller mill price in Kenya, do not just wave through the digits. Check for features and specifications like the ones stated above. Go the extra mile by testing them where applicable to ensure that you get the roller that is standard and that meets the minimum requirements.

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