Factors to Consider When Buying Pressure washing machine

Are you planning to purchase a pressure washing machine in Kenya?This article gives you an amazing opportunity to learn more about some of the most important factors to consider when it comes to purchasing pressure washing machines such as quality, performance, features, and most importantly price.

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your property, pressure washing is a highly effective method. However, the process requires the right equipment and expertise to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning. If you’re looking for professional assistance, consider Pressure Cleaning in Texarkana TX. Their team of experts can provide a comprehensive cleaning service, leaving your property looking its best.

The pressure washer machine usespowerful pressure jets to blast dirt off. It is a dependable device that can help with quite a huge number of cleaningtasks both for home andindustrial use. If you are planning to start a car wash business or just looking to have a pressure washer forcleaning dirt around your home, then buying a pressure washing machine is a great investment.

Pressure washing machines are generally used to perform tasks such as washing vehicles, cleaning garage floors, barbecue areas, and outdoor chairs, removing loose paint, and cleaning dust, grim, mud, and dirt from surfaces like floors and walls.

Here arefactors you need to consider and compare before purchasing your pressure washing machine.

Pressure washers’ pounds per squire inch (PSI)

When purchasing a pressure washer machine in Kenya, it is important to first understand the amount of power the engine or motor produces. This factor is important because it relates to how much pressure and volume the pump can produce which ranges from 1200, all the way to over 4000 PSI depending on the capacity of the project.

Electric vs Gas Pressure Washers

Pressure washing machine price in Kenya depends on the type of machine you intend to buy, where electric pressure washers are considered cheaper. They have around 1500 to 2000 pounds per squire inch (PSI) which is ideal for cleaning items like garage floors, outdoor chairs, and tables or even cleaning your vehicle.  They are non-pollutants since they have no exhaust emissions.

Gas pressure washers have around 2800-4000 PSI and are generally used to clean wider areas and are also able to clean even the most inbuilt-up dirt. They are mostly considered best for commercial purposesand are relatively expensive compared to electric washers.

Gallons per minute

The flow of water in pressure washers is measured in GPM, the amount of surface that the washer can clean entirely depends on the machine’s GPM, whereby the higher the GPM the more surface area the pressure washer can clean in a minute. This is an important factor to consider before purchasing your pressure washer machine.

Pressure washer hoses.

Pressure washer hoses come in different forms depending on your cleaning needs, so it is always a good idea to know exactly what you are looking for before purchasing one. To avoid frequent replacements, make sure the length fits your intended purpose, and that it is able to handle the pressure of your washing machine.


This article breaks down the most important considerations to make before purchasing your pressure washing machine. This device will offer you and your household members or workmates the best cleaning service. Therefore making a purchase will be a worthwhile venture. Pressure washing machines stillremaina first-rate cleaning device that can come in handy when you want to maintain clean surfaces and outdoor equipment around your home or work spaces.

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