Eyelashes Extension: Is Eyelash Extension harmful?

Do you like to apply eyelashes extension to make your natural eyelashes look attractive? Are you aware of the side effects or the harmful effects of continuously using the Lash Extension? Well, there are not many people who know the side effects of lash extensions as they use these artificial lashes and glues daily.

If you are using any kind of eyelash extension, then it is important to know their long-term effects on your body, so that you can be careful about it. We will tell you about some side effects of Eyelash Extension on the skin and especially on the eye. So, let’s find out.

Why do people use Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash Extension like Harmony Lashes gives an attractive look to the dull natural eyelashes which enhance the look of the person. Many people use this product for special occasions like parties, functions, and others whereas some people use them on daily basis.

This product shouldn’t hurt the customer but if the customer doesn’t use this product then they have to face some consequences and side effects that we will discuss later in the article.

Is Eyelash Extension is harmful to the eyes?

Yes, Eyelashes Extension is harmful to the eyes as they contain some kind of chemicals and also use different adhesives to keep the artificial eyelashes in one place. If the adhesive is put in the eye or nearby the eyes, then the customer would start feeling stinging pain and tickle at that area.

Also, it can cause irritation and redness in the eyes if not used properly. Sometimes, the effect of the glue is too harsh to handle and can cause major damage to the eyes and skin.

What are the signs of having discomfort due to eyelash extension?

Well, if you use the eyelashes extension and have discomfort in your eyes, then it means that the position and the method of applying the eyelashes are not correct. Here are some of the signs of discomfort that you will feel if the eyelashes are not properly placed.

Pain in the Eyelid- well, the eyelashes use adhesive to get placed in the position properly, and sometimes the adhesive gets in contact with the skin which causes a stinging sensation. So, if you feel this kind of sensation or pain, then check the placement and be careful with the adhesive.

Pulling sensation- when the adhesives are used improperly with the eyelashes, then you will feel like the extensions are pulling onto your natural lashes which are harmful to the natural growth.

Irritation- irritation is the common symptom of having discomfort from the artificial eyelashes as it causes redness and sometimes causes rashes and pimples.


With the above information, we can conclude that if a person is using eyelashes extension on daily basis, then they should be aware of the side effects that come with them. Also, it is important to book someone expert in handling the artificial eyelashes extension without harming the natural eyelashes. There are certain factors that you should consider when choosing the best eyelash extension kit.

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