EXANTE Broker Donates $1 Million to UNICEF in Ukraine

A global brokerage firm is donating $1 million to UNICEF in order to help children and families affected by the war in Ukraine. The humanitarian agency is helping children and families who have fled the country to neighboring countries in the hope of safety. The conflict has left over 3.7 million people displaced, with 5% of them being at high risk of violence. UNICEF is providing crucial services to children and women, ensuring timely aid to those most in need.

EXANTE Broker donates $1m to UNICEF

EXANTE broker recently donated $1 million to UNICEF in Ukraine, to help provide essential services and life-saving supplies to the children displaced by the ongoing conflict. The donation was made in the wake of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, where more than 3.7 million people have fled. Of these, nearly half are children, and many have been displaced for years. UNICEF works to protect the rights of children and to reduce the child mortality rate globally.

The globalization of financial flows has led to continuous market movements and constant information exchange. UNICEF has requested $349 million USD in humanitarian aid for the affected region. The money will be used to support life-saving efforts in Ukraine and neighboring countries. The money will assist more than 3.5 million people, including 2.2 million children. EXANTE Broker is a global technical broker that offers access to over half a million financial instruments in over 50 markets from a single account. The company also uses award-winning trading platforms to help its customers.

EXANTE Broker provides social-emotional support for children

A global wealthtech company, EXANTE broker, has recently donated $1 million to UNICEF in support of the war in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. The war in Ukraine has left over 3.7 million people displaced, with 90% of those people being women and children. They are also disproportionately vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. EXANTE broker is one of the first companies to support this humanitarian effort.

The donation to UNICEF will enable the organization to respond to emergencies and provide essential services to children in the country. UNICEF is a global nonprofit that works to protect the rights of children and reduce child mortality worldwide. This fund will allow EXANTE to continue supporting UNICEF’s mission of protecting the world’s most vulnerable children and their families. This will allow EXANTE to help these children and their families continue to thrive.

EXANTE Broker provides educational materials for boys and girls of school age

EXANTE Broker donates $1 million to UNICEF in Ukraine, a non-profit organization that supports children and vulnerable families in need. In Ukraine, the escalating conflict has forced 3.7 million people to leave their homes, including almost 90 percent of children and women. Children are at an especially high risk of exploitation and human trafficking. UNICEF relies on the support of partners like EXANTE to help children and families in need.

In Ukraine, EXANTE Broker is making its mark as a global wealth tech firm by donating $1 million to UNICEF. UNICEF, the world’s largest organization for children’s rights, has helped more than 3 million Ukrainian children. The UNICEF appeals for $349 million in support of its work in the country. Of this amount, $276 million will help meet urgent needs in the Ukraine, while the remaining 73 million will provide vital humanitarian aid to countries surrounding Ukraine. EXANTE’s generosity puts it on a par with global tech giants like Amazon and Apple.

EXANTE Broker has provided 858 tons of emergency aid to children in conflict zones

EXANTE broker has donated $1 million to UNICEF in support of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The money will help UNICEF meet the urgent needs of children growing up amid the violence. The money will provide life-saving supplies and support educational programs in the region. In addition to providing emergency aid, the money will also help fund the work of UNICEF’s partners.

To help children in need, the company has donated $1 million to UNICEF. In Ukraine, the organization has provided 858 tons of emergency aid. UNICEF also set up special corners at metro stations for children in Kharkiv. This is just a small way of giving back to a worthy cause. UNICEF is a leading global humanitarian organization, providing aid to people around the world.

EXANTE Broker has provided humanitarian aid to children in other humanitarian crises

In addition to providing financial support to UNICEF, EXANTE broker has donated $1 million to help vulnerable children and families fleeing the war in Ukraine. The conflict in Ukraine has displaced over 3.7 million people and left the majority of these refugees vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. UNICEF helps provide life-saving services to children and families in need and supports local partners to provide timely assistance.

UNICEF is one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations, and the organization’s work in the Ukraine has resulted in the aid funds it has raised. The humanitarian relief assistance UNICEF provides to children and families in the region has helped save lives and protect human rights. Since the Ukraine crisis began, UNICEF has been delivering emergency supplies to the country, and has even created special children’s corners in Kharkiv’s metro stations.

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