Everything You Should Know About the Different Movement Disorders

The human nervous system is highly advanced and precise that involves the brain and the spinal cord associated with many neurons. However, single damage or defect can affect the vital functions of our body. Among different movements, disorders are quite more frequent in people. Here we are going to gain a little more knowledge regarding different movement disorders and their treatment solution.

However, for people who are dealing with a movement disorder, it is necessary to get proper treatment as soon as possible. South Valley Neurology is a community-based multi-specialty neurology practice. That has been serving patients with different movement disorders across the great bay area and beyond since 2011. It is highly specialized and trusted by its board-certified neurologist.

About movement disorder

Movement disorders are neurological conditions that are caused due to any abnormality in the nervous system or any damage, or infection which ultimately affects the normal movement of the body. It highly affects both voluntary as well as involuntary movements, which may include permanent or temporary paralysis, muscle spasm, or tremors.

Types of movement disorders

As different region of the brain and different neurons play their role in different functions, damages or lesions to different regions cause different movement disorders. Different types of movement disorders are:

  • Ataxia: it is a condition that involves the brain, brain stem, or spinal cord. It mainly affects the voluntary movement of the patient. It leads to clumsiness, imbalance, instability, and lack of coordination which makes their movements jerky and even makes it harder to stand properly.
  • Dystonia: it is a neurological muscular disorder that is due to abnormality in the basal ganglia, which controls the speed and coordination of the moment. Due to this any dysfunction of it leads to abnormal movement especially vigorous muscle spasms, uncontrollable twisting, and abnormal body posture. Two types of dystonia:
  1. General dystonia: affects the entire body
  2. Focal dystonia: it affects a particular point of the body. Mostly it is seen in the neck region.
  • Parkinson’s disease: it is a condition that occurs to the degeneration of substantia nigra, a region of the brain that is associated with the secretion of dopamine. This leads to gradual loss of movement, tremors, decreased mental ability, depression, affects the facial expression, and also affects the involuntary moments.
  • Huntington’s disease: is a progressive degenerative condition caused due to degeneration of several neurons. However, it doesn’t have any treatment yet and is hence considered to be fatal. It includes jerking and abnormal trembling movement. It also leads to various psychological conditions.
  • Multiple system atrophy: it is a rare condition that is degenerative. It greatly affects the involuntary movement of the body. It also affects the regulation of blood pressure, breathing, and bladder movement.

Treatment of these movement disorders depends upon the severity and stages at which the disease has reached. In the earlier stage, it may include medications, therapies, and exercise. However, in severe conditions, it may need surgery.


It is very important to get diagnosed and treated early as most movement disorders are progressive. Hence, be careful with such conditions and get treated well.

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