Everything You Should Know about a Recovery at Work Program

Returning to work after experiencing a work-associated illness is essential for rehabilitation, which aids recovery. The longer you’re away from work, the less the chances are for you going back to it. Typically, you can go to work early and have your employer modify your work as you recover. But in some instances, it’s not feasible for practical or for safety reasons. It implies that you’ll not be able to return to your usual role. At this point, a return to work program that reviews, develops, and implements best practices tailored for recovery proves to be helpful. Such a program minimises premiums and enhances morale in the workplace.

What Is a Recover At Work Program?

According to research, being off from work for an extended period can negatively impact employees and their families. Long term disabilities and work loss also causes three times the risk of poor health and mental illness.

Workplaces should be safe and supportive for every staff member of yours. These programs employ more than 5000 people across various hospitals, residential aged care facilities, primary health centres and a community care unit. The program creators work with qualified medical professionals, insurers, and various other service providers for staff members to experience a durable recovery from their pre-injury duties. It, in turn, brings down the financial impact on a company and enhances outcomes for your staff.

What does a Recover at Work Program Comprise of?

  • Assessment services – It includes assessing the abilities of the injured employee. Assessment services assess the existing symptoms, transferable work skills, psychological factors, and earning competencies.
  • The same employer – Includes keeping the worker employed at the existing office or workplace post-illness or injury. It can involve returning to pre-injury tasks or going to another role. This procedure comprises work trials, psychological case management and an analysis of the job role.
  • New employer – Includes transferring the worker to another workplace post-illness or injury. It consists of an initial needs assessment, analysis of transferable skills, and the labour market.

A comprehensive return to work plan is designed by utilising relevant expertise. It is created with the sick or injured worker and medical professionals. The program is personalised for the worker to get them back to work successfully.

Other Features of the Program

Recovering at work can tremendously boost the outcomes for a worker who has experienced an injury at their workplace. The programs employ the best practices of workplace rehabilitation with significant attention on recovery at work.

  • They can support immediate appropriate duties for the workers who are injured. If the tasks do not fall in their specific work location, alternate work areas or facilities are considered.
  • The appropriate duties are generally executed in a supernumerary capacity.
  • There’s also the accommodation of gradual hours or days.
  • The presence of job task analysis allows for detailing functional job needs.
  • The program also focuses on engaging independent Occupational Therapists. The OTs perform Functional Capacity Evaluations and also assess the worksite.
  • You can also get assistance with a month or two long host placement return to work programs.

You should always choose a reliable return to work program by a consulting service that has implemented and led numerous projects for largescale, private, and state organisations. Such a service provides recovery at work, coaching and mentoring to various members and leadership coaching and mentoring. Thus, it ensures that your employees are better cared for.

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