Everything that is important to learn about cigar lounge etiquette

When it comes to sharing passion and similar likes and dislikes, there are places where people like to gel up together, have a few rounds of drinks, smoke their favorite brand of cigar and chat over the current affairs.

But when you are searching for cigar shops or the cigar lounge where you could sit down and relax and turn yourself away from the worries of the world, you need to learn about some of the etiquettes of the cigar lounge that empowers you to enjoy the space more than ever.

Here are some of the tips that might help you to live with the experience of a cigar shop near me and also enables you to have a great time with your friends and other members of the lounge.

1.  One of the very first rules:

When you sit down together with people of similar interests and similar passions, there are certain rules to abide by even if you are a regular visitor, and one must look forward to following some rules to make the place more welcoming and inviting for the others. One of the very first things that a cigar lounge should appreciate you to do is to make sure that you only smoke cigars in a cigar lounge.

Wee! This might sound very obvious, but one of the key aspects of any cigar lounge is that you should learn to respect those who are particularly there to have a cigar experience. We have witnessed people doing cigarettes as well as enjoying vape smoke in the cigar lounge.

This might make others uncomfortable who are especially there for a cigar experience over there.

Moreover, many of the cigar shops owners have complained that their clients find it a sign of disrespect to them when they have invested in the lounge fees and paid for a separate place to smoke cigars while the others are blowing smoke on their faces.

As a matter of cigars lounge rule, you need to make sure that you invest in the cigar, spare some time and enjoy the ambience of the cigar shop near me.

2. Keeping your area clean:

If you are a regular smoker of a cigar, you might have noticed that the cigar smoke and the ash from it has the tendency to scatter all over the place and therefore, one should try and make sure that you drop the ash of the cigar directly to the ashtray.

Thus, when you are invited to a cigar shop, one of the most important things to note about it is to find a suitable place where you could drop the ash directly to the tray rather than fuming it on the floor and making the area mess.

It is also important to note that when you are leaving the cigar shops or the cigar lounges, make it a habit of putting your cigar off because we have also noticed people leaving their cigars half done on the floor make it a really unwelcoming picture for those who plan to visit after you.

It is important to check up on the places where the staff and the employees are trained to put off your cigar and discard them in the trash responsibly.

When you are smoking a cigar, all these and other details need to be counted in your cigar lounge etiquettes because if you fail to do so, there are chances that you might not be welcomed by most of the popular cigar shops in town.

3. Come prepared:

When you are a beginner to any kind of smoking, then you must learn to come prepared because you will not be appreciated if you keep asking for tools and accessories in the cigar shop.

Make sure to carry your own lighter, your own cutter and the most important thing, your own cigar to the cigar shop to the lounge.

Even if you are a newcomer, it is essential to note the etiquettes of coming to the cigar shop. The cutter and the lighter might seem to be inexpensive in nature, and some people might be of the point of view that it is not important to carry them along. But here is an important thing to note that when you are violating the rule of the cigar community, you are not welcomed by its members, and therefore, one should hit the cigar shop prepared.

Moreover, if you have missed on your lighter and ask for someone else’s lighter to light your cigar, make sure that you don’t lick your cigar before you use the lighter or the cutter of somebody else at the cigar shop. Because then it could be the most disgusting thing to do. And the people around you might not want you to be a part of the community because you have misused those tools or accessories.

You could check out some of the accessories and other important tools before going to the cigar shop to make sure that you are always up to the mark when you are going to the cigar lounge.

4. Watching where you blow your smoke:

One of the most important things to look for in a cigar lounge is to search for the place where it is properly ventilated. It helps you not to gather all the smoke all around where people are sitting. However, if you are planning to visit an old cigar shop, then the best thing is to look for a place where you could blow the smoke away from them.

Thus, it helps you not to disturb anyone around with your smoke and if you are unable to find one, then make sure that you blow the smoke away from the faces of the people around you.

To conclude:

This might seem to be a daunting task with so many rules. However, these are some of the basic ethics and etiquettes that one must look forward to following in any smoking place, whether it is a cigar shop or a cigar lounge.

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