Essential Tips To Save Time And Cost While Shipping From China To USA

International shipping is a complicated process, and it sometimes causes hassles to both importer and exporter. Lots of importers have concerns about costs for shipping from China to USA. Besides, time is another factor relevant to the shipping process. Is there any chance to save time and cost to move your commodities from China to USA?

Ways of saving cost and time to ship products from China to USA

  • Avoid Chinese Holidays

As you are in the USA, you know the national holidays of your country. However, while you import products from China, it is essential to stay updated with Chinese holidays. When there are national holidays in China at the time of importing products, you may find a delay in your shipping process. 

You must be aware that on these occasions, product manufacturers and transport professionals in China stay at home, and factories remain closed. Moreover, those holidays also result in port congestion. Thus, your shipment will not arrive at the port on time. Moreover, various companies offer backloading services as well, you should do a proper research before you go for such services; this will also help you to choose the services with the reasonable Backloading Quotes.

  • Deal with clearance paperwork properly

A time delay can increase the overall cost of shipping from China to USA, and one of the major causes of this delay is the complicated clearance process. You have to make sure that you have filled out the official papers correctly. A minor data entry error can result in a delay in the process. 

Without knowledge, you may need to deal with paperwork for several times. Hire a freight forwarder who knows the nature of your product and finds potential issues. On online platforms like Shiply, you can easily control the jobs you take to avoid any problem in paper clearance.

  • Focus on the packaging

Most of the companies ensure that they will manage the packaging for suppliers. However, one of the money-saving tips is to engage yourself in the process of packing your shipments. You may also ask how they will pack your items for better efficiency.

In some ocean freights, the space consumed by cargoes is more critical than that of the weight. Thus, you need to pack cargoes in a space-saving way for successful shipping from China to USA.

  • Choose FLC shipping method

Full Container Loads (FLC) is one of the most affordable ways of shipping ocean cargoes. If possible, you can choose this option for shipping from China to USA. When you have shipped your cargoes in LCL, you may need to pay a higher amount for every item. 

FLC is also available with several other benefits. For instance, there is no risk of damages from other goods in the container. Also, you do not need to share your container with some other vendors who may have different items causing a delay to the shipment.

Freight forwarders pack LCL containers at their warehouses, and they put lots of shipments together into a container. 

  • A 40’ container is better than a 20’ one for shipping

If you have chosen the FCL shipping solution, you may prefer a container of 40’. Instead of the 20’ container, you can look for the bigger one to reduce the cost per item. However, while you can’t fill your 40’ container in time, it is better to prefer the smaller model to save money for shipping merchandise from China to USA.

  • A hybrid shipping service provider is the best choice

You know that both ocean freight and air freight have their pros and cons. ocean freight causes a delay to the shipment. Conversely, air freight is a very costly choice for your business. Therefore, you may choose freight forwarders, offering intermodal options. In other options, you can combine ocean and air freight based on your purpose. 

Freight forwarders have a network with other professionals to implement this idea. In fact, this hybrid solution helps with the on-time delivery of goods.

  • Organize essential documents for international shipping

To ship ocean cargos to the USA, it is essential to deal with International Security Filing. Lots of shippers file their ISFs before loading goods onto the ship that reaches the destination. Although they do not have the necessary information, it is vital to file it. 

When your commodities have arrived at the US port with wrong ISFs, you may need to pay a penalty of $5000. Now, to have your cargo through customs, shippers should file the Immediate Delivery Form. 

Furthermore, other relevant documents for shipping from China to USA are Certificate of Origins, Bill of Lading, Packing List, and Commercial Invoice.

  • Import bigger quantities to lower shipping costs

If you are importing a bulk amount of goods, you may minimize your shipping costs. Although the cost per item may not be much low, you will find a difference in your shipping rates. You may have found a costly freight charge. 

However, the cost for every shipping unit is low. Thus, for long-distance shipping, you may try to increase quantities of your loads.

  • Shipping costs- Take time for proper analysis and comparison

Price comparison is one of the major steps to find the best shipping service providers. You can encounter several shipping companies with different freight rates.

You may have thought of choosing a particular shipping method to keep away from complications. However, it can result in additional costs. There are also variations in shipping costs, and thus, you can ask for a quote while consulting with your freight forwarders for shipping from China to USA.

  • Optimize the route

To save time and money, it is essential to choose the right transportation mode and shortest route. Multiple routes are available for reaching goods to the destination. But, there are some widely used shipping routes for international shipping. 

The best shipping companies choose the proper transport route. For instance, you may prefer direct flights to save the shipping time in case of air freights.

  • Optimize Packaging

Have you noticed some extra space available on the package? You cannot avoid paying for it. When you have overlooked it, the shipping process will be costly. You know that your goods’ volume and weight are major factors to affect the freight charge. 

The use of more packaging than what you need can increase the cost. Thus, for packaging optimization, you have to reduce the size and thickness of packages.

  • Consolidation of goods

The combination of small quantities with larger ones is the best trick to cut down shipping costs. You can consolidate your international shipments through the warehouse.

How much does it cost, and how long does it take to ship from China to USA?

The amount of time taken to ship your loads from China to the USA depends on your shipping mode selection. Moreover, the choice of the route also affects the overall time while it is ocean freight. In this case, the transportation process can take two weeks to a month.

Customs, load handling, and several other processes may also affect the shipping time. In some cases, it may take more than 30 days to prepare your loads for the transit. When the ship has arrived in the USA, you need to wait for about 6 days to release the cargo.

As a trader, you can find different shipping options to reach your cargoes from China to the USA. Based on your urgency, cost, and preference, your freight forwarder will help you pick the right shipping mode.

When you need urgent shipping solution, you can go for air freight. The standard time, taken by air freight, is around 8 to 10 days. Airlines do not offer a slow service. However, the shipping process may be slightly complicated for you, as you need different formalities. Most airfreights take 2 to 3 days to reach the destination. Thus, the transit time is faster, compared to that of ocean freight.

Now, let us help you in determining the cost for shipping from China to the USA.

  • Shipping to the USA by air

The standard air freight rate is $3 per kilo, and it is the most affordable choice for you. When your shipments weigh about 150 to 500 kg, you can choose air freight. Dimensional weight is the major factor in identifying the charge for shipments.

There is a difference in freight rates charged by forwarders. Moreover, there is a regular fluctuation in prices.

  • Shipping to the USA by sea

When your shipment weight is more than 500kg, you can choose ocean freight as an affordable shipping mode. Most of the freight forwarders offer premium services (expedited freight) for ocean freight. 

However, this expedited freight cost can be slightly higher than that of the regular ocean freight.

Thus, you have to focus on several factors to make out the cost of shipping cargo from China to the USA. To get an accurate rate, you can talk to your freight forwarders.

4 factors in choosing between ocean freight and air freight

  • Speed

Airfreight is unquestionably a faster solution for shipping goods. As time is precious in your life, you can compensate for the cost by choosing air freight. Some ocean shipments can take more than a month to reach the destination. Conversely, air freight takes only 2 to 3 days. Most of the importers desire faster services.

However, with technological and infrastructure developments, ships can move faster, and shipping routes have become shorter. Nowadays, some ocean freight shipments can cross the water body in almost 8 days.

  • Cost

Probably, it is not easy for you to calculate costs before choosing to import goods. Both the budget and business bottom line are important for you. Hence, to make a better decision between air and ocean shipment, you need to know how carriers will charge you. By considering the shipment size and weight, you may calculate the chargeable weight. 

For LCL shipping, a cubic meter is a unit to determine price. Moreover, you need to focus on destination fees, customs, and warehousing fees.

  • Reliability

Which is the most reliable shipping method? While comparing air freight and ocean freight, we can find that the former has a shorter history. Still, in terms of reliability, air freight can win the challenge. Sometimes, weather conditions and other uncontrollable factors delay the shipment. 

However, airlines always try to follow their schedules. On the contrary, ocean carriers may not be punctual in every case. For some businesses, a delay of one or two days can cause serious cost effects.

  • Environmental impact

Convenience and output are not the only factors that need your attention. As a businessman, you must have environmental awareness to get a positive impression of your customers. Everyone has a responsibility to care for the planet. That is why ocean freight is a preferable choice to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Air transport modes can cause higher pollution in the environment. However, ocean freight also results in oil spills damaging the water ecosystem.

Why choose China Freight as your freight forwarder?

Reliable shippers always comply with legal rules for cargo imports. However, when your shippers have not done it, they will pay fines. China Freight is one of the best companies with professional shippers who know about their liabilities. They will help you to find the right container to pack your loads. With a professional guide, you may avoid the shipping delay and higher shipping costs. China Freight provides you with both air shipment and ocean shipment solutions. 

Based on your needs, you can choose the perfect shipping options. Besides, China Freight has the best team to package your loads properly and safely. In addition, this company offers cargo insurance, customs brokerage, and warehousing solutions. 


Now, let us conclude the topic of freight forwarder from China to USA. Every day, shipments are moving across the world from one port to another. However, China-US is one of the popular trade routes for shippers. You may get in touch with the best freight forwarders. 

With their skills and knowledge, freight forwarders adjust the container size, package your goods, and manage several other activities. The professional help from a freight forwarder can assist you in simplifying the shipping process. However, during consulting with professionals, you must know the estimates for shipping your loads. Consequently, it will benefit you in terms of saving time and cost.

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