Environmentally friendly and sustainable car cleaning

If we think about washing our vehicle, possibly the first thing that comes to mind is to use soap and water. However, this type of washing harms the environment more by wasting a scarce resource such as water. And that is why we must know what the ecological waterless car wash consists of. Being dry cleaning, only chemicals and microfiber cloths are used that allow us to save water. A better finish is also achieved, since the vehicle is fully waxed, allowing it to repel dirt for a longer time. There are many advantages to this type of car cleaning. That is why we answer any questions you may have regarding car cleaning. 

Eco-friendly car cleaning

What is it?

Perhaps you have asked yourself on several occasions what is the ecological car wash without water, but you have not found an answer. It is a washing process that reduces the amount of water, replacing it with ecological products. Thus, a longer duration of cleaning the car is achieved, less eroding the paint on the body. There are currently a wide variety of services and brands that carry out this car cleaning process. In addition, by incorporating chemical products, it leaves the vehicle waxed and protected for a longer time against dirt.

How to do it?

As a substitute for water, a chemical is used that hogs dirt particle. And to achieve an ecological car wash without water, aerosols and microfiber cloths are usually used. When we have trapped all the dirt we will take a microfiber cloth to be able to clean without scratches. This combination will allow us to have a clean and pristine car without having to use a single drop. In this way, the vehicle will be like new and will be able to repel any type of dirt or liquid for a longer time. This happens because the surface is completely waxed and protected from the sun, unlike traditional washing.


We must be aware that water is a scarce good, so the less we use it, the better it will be for the planet. Did you know that the scarcity of this resource affects more than 40% of the world’s population? That is why the main advantage of using environmentally friendly and sustainable car cleaning is saving this precious liquid. In addition, we find many more benefits:

  • Helps keep car paint in better condition.
  • The duration of cleaning in the car is longer.
  • There is no damage to the vehicle as can occur with the car wash.
  • Using specific cleaning products removes water, a substance that eventually oxidizes metal.

For all these aspects it is recommended to use the environmentally friendly and sustainable car cleaning. On the one hand, we are helping to save water, and on the other, a better finish is achieved for the car.


At Car cleaning, we are aware of sustainability and respect for the environment. We believe that with small gestures, together we can contribute to the care of our environment. Thus, not using the pressure gun means a significant saving in water. It should be noted that over the years the water also ends up eroding the metal of the vehicle and gradually damaging the car paint. In addition, using environmentally friendly and sustainable car cleaning, better aesthetic results are obtained than with traditional cleaning.

In short, if we compare both options, we will surely choose the ecological car wash without water. Even so, it must be borne in mind that to make a car look like it was just bought, it will be necessary to use specific products. But it is an ecological alternative with which we will obtain a premium finish and that in the long run will benefit us financially.

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