EdbMails tool to convert OST to PST in an easy way: 2022 Review


Attempting to resolve OST file issues on your own can be a time-consuming and inefficient endeavor. There is a lot of software on the market for converting OST files to more usable and portable forms, such as .PST files. The challenge is determining which one is best suited to our needs. In reality, any IT administrator’s virtual toolkit would be incomplete without a dedicated OST to PST converter tool. Of course, you can use the manual methods. However, they are inconvenient and cannot be used frequently. In this article, we’ll examine EdbMails OST to PST converter tool that is a must have for anyone struggling with file conversion and backing up Exchange or Outlook mailboxes.

We’ll show you how to utilize this software to recover and convert emails, calendar, tasks, and contacts from Outlook OST documents in the next section. Don’t forget to read through our entire review as well.

A brief overview of OST and PST files

We presume that if you’re reading this article, you already have a fair idea of what a PST or an OST file is so we’ll keep the upcoming section brief.

Microsoft Outlook uses both of these files to store data such as mailbox data, calendars, contacts, messages, conversations and so on. These Outlook data files preserve the electronic mail messages and calendar events and therefore are very important. Both are also kept on your computer’s hard drive, copying information from a mail server and allowing you to use previously synced devices without having to be online.

POP3 and IMAP, both protocols are used to add email accounts and Outlook uses them to store data in the form of Personal Storage Table (.pst) files. When using Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, or an IMAP server an offline storage table (.ost) file is utilized to store Outlook records. Because it is not erased by Outlook, a PST file has far more flexibility than an ost file and can be duplicated to new Outlook installations or moved to new PCs. An OST file does not have the same advantage wherein, it can only be opened by the Outlook profile that created it in the first place, preventing it from being reused.

What can I do with EdbMails OST to PST Converter?

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of OST and PST files for those who are unfamiliar, let’s take a look at how EdbMails’ OST conversion tool can help with OST file issues. In addition to importing your entire email account from Exchange or IMAP to a different server or account, the software is also useful for overcoming issues caused by Exchange server crashes, synchronization errors, malware attacks or .ost file corruptions.

There are a number of additional advantages to using EdbMails converter for OST. Most importantly, instead of migrating the entire file, it can be used to save individual emails and mail items. It also has the ability to convert contacts, calendars, project folders, notes, and journals.

We particularly like the following EdbMails key features

  • Save the recovered mail items as MHT, EML, HTML
  • Converting encrypted OST files without needing any keys or passphrases.
  • Elaborate preview of the recovered items similar to Outlook
  • Offline recovery and conversion in your local environment.
  • Conversion of mailboxes from different languages.

In the following section, we’ll look at a few different, license-specific capabilities.

EdbMails Pricing Plans and License Options

EdbMails OST conversion tool allows you to preview all the emails and calendars before converting them. There is also a free version of the tool that you can use to try out all the software’s features without time restrictions.

For enterprise users, businesses, government and IT professionals who want to get the most out of the tool, a higher edition such as Corporate Premium or Technical Edition is recommended. The advantage with these editions is that the software can be installed on multiple machines and the Technical Edition allows you to even install it in different locations. (Suited for resellers and data recovery companies). All licenses are lifetime and include 24/7 free customer support. It’s best to keep an eye on the official website for the most up-to-date pricing plans.

Parameter Personal Corporate Premium Technical Edition
OST License Cost 39$ 89$ 129$
Installation allowed Two PC’s max Unlimited PC’s in a single location Unlimited PC’s and multiple location installation


Except for the Personal Edition, which performs only OST to PST conversion, the Corporate and Technical Editions support direct OST to Live Exchange and Office 365 migration in addition to OST to PST conversion.

How to Convert OST Files with EdbMails?

One of the reasons we’ve grown fond of EdbMails is that the user experience is refreshingly straightforward without sacrificing functionality, which is something that is absent in many other IT products. With other tools, there is always a trade-off in terms of complexity versus functionality, both of which are addressed in EdbMails.

However, you may need some assistance getting started, or you may simply want to get a basic understanding of the process before including it into your list of favorite IT tools. In the meantime, we’ll put the primary conversion technique to the test.

First Step: Install the program and perform the recovery

Of course, the first thing you must do is install the software. This will only take a minute or two as the software is very light on the resources. You have two options: Use the free trial version or login with the email address you used when you made the purchase. It’s worth noting that EdbMails doesn’t have a license or activation key. As a result, you can begin using the software as soon as you purchase it.

After installing the software, launch it and select the OST conversion option from the drop-down menu. A small window appears, prompting you to browse the OST file. Start the recovery process by searching for the file. In our test scenario, we were able to open a large OST file of hundreds of GB within minutes.

Second Step: Using the recovered OST File to convert to PST and other formats

After recovering your .OST file, you can browse its contents directly from the EdbMails desktop client. In the software’s left-side column, you’ll find a tree menu with subsections on calendars, contacts, inbox, folders, journals, deleted items, and other Outlook folders. All the folders are organized in a deep hierarchy as would have inside the OST file. There is no data loss as EdbMails uses granular recovery to completely recover the contents. When saving the contents you’ll have the choice of storing it as HTML, PST, EML, MHT formats.

You can also do this if you don’t need to convert the entire file and only want to save a single mail item. Right-click on the individual item and save it in the format and location of your choice. Using the filter option allows you to further customize the conversion by converting specific mail items based on Date, Subject, Attachments, and so on. When you are finally satisfied with your selection use the option Export to Outlook PST to start the conversion process.

Bonus at the end: Free Support and Free Live Demo

With EdbMails, converting OST to PST has never been easier. If you’re looking for some more extra features, we’ve saved those for the end. EdbMails provides free expert 24/7 customer support as well as a free live demo for a thorough walkthrough of the software. You can contact them through the chat window at any time with your questions or to request a personalized recommendation based on how you want to proceed with the conversion project. We can also see that the software is less expensive than most other tools for the same set of features. In this regard, there is also nothing to complain about. Taking into account all of the aforementioned factors, we would give it a 5 star rating.

Concluding Words

OST file issues can be aggravating at times, but EdbMails’ OST to PST converter makes it simple to convert these Outlook data files to a more accessible format, such as PST. It’s quick, easy, and only as effective as you make it. It’s essentially the ideal tool for IT professionals who want to save time and money with the click of a few buttons. And that is something we can all agree on. If you need a full-featured tool with multiple PC installations and locations, we recommend the Corporate or Technical Editions, which can not only convert .ost files to .pst but also allow direct migrations to Office 365 or a live Exchange server.

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