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Easiest Way to do FACEBOOK Marketing

Every month Facebook has over a billion users, this makes Facebook a leading social media platform for business marketing used by major business companies all over the world. By using Facebook ads which is a cornerstone of many small businesses around the world your product ad can reach a mass of potential customers all over the world in seconds.

Having clear goals and strategies, Facebook marketing will help your company or business gain brand awarenessover a short period of time depending on your marketing goals and strategies, a good strategy on Facebook marketing will increase website traffic.

What are the pros and cons of using Facebook as a marketing platform:-


Facebook marketing will help your business reach a large mass of audiences 80% of internet users use Facebook, this includes all age brackets both old, middle, and young age.

  1. Facebook marketing brings a balance between both Businesses to Customers (B2C) and Businesses to Businesses (B2B), did you know business decision-makers spend 74% more time than other people on Facebook? Business to business is combative, with that in mind business to business marketers have to be dog-eat-dogand take advantage of Facebook as a platform for marketing.
  2. Market transparency, some feed networks provide similar market targeting capabilities, but Facebook’s market reach is very transparent.
  3. With the multiplicity ofAd setups, with up to 10 Ad setups, Facebook is the leading social media platform that offers a wide range of Advertising Avenue for marketers out there.For each target marketing channel stage, there are a couple of available options with image and video Ads mostly used.Worth noting, nearly all Ad formats accommodate some text and visual elements providing you with a substantial opportunity to both describe and showcase your business.
  4. Drive traffic directly to your site, many of Facebook’s Adoptions allow driving referral traffic to your business’s site. It is well known that most users open Facebook with the intent of staying there to browse its content and get connected to friends, family, and even friends of your friends. However, if your Ad is very much compelling and targeting is highly relevant, the Ad will be sufficiently appealing for the user to leave Facebook and reach your site.
  5. Keep Your Existing Audience Engaged, One important benefit of Facebook advertising is that it nurtures and helps grow your Facebook followers and fans. While driving referral site traffic, site engagement, and conversions are key, it is also important to regularly engage with and maintain your Facebook audience. Think of your Facebook profile as your business’s second website – another digital extension of your business. As with your site and any offline presence, over time some users will naturally become less interested in interacting with you.
  6. Reach a Wide Audience, Undeniably, Facebook offers advertisers one of the largest user bases of July 2020, according to recent research, Facebook hadmore than 2.6 billion users worldwide. That is more than any other social media platform and second to perhaps only Google’s search users.

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  1. On the downside of using Facebook as a platform of marketing, you only reach Facebook users, if you want to reach users outside of this social media platform then Facebook marketing does not offer that option.
  2. It is costly, this is due to improved Facebook advertisement features. For small businesses that have a tight marketing budget will be expensive for them to use the Facebook marketing platform frequently.
  3. It’s now easier than ever for customers to leave negative reviews of your business. So, if a customer has a problem or bad experience, they’ll use your page to tell the world. It’s important to spend the majority of time monitoring activities on your Facebook marketing page, and ensuring that any problem is solved as quickly as possible or otherwise, potential new customers may turn away based on your reviews.


Facebook is a free social media that can build your online business, connect with your customers or clients, and increase your business revenue.

Facebook media is not just a onetime setup. It needs a good marketing strategy and time to maintain and update. If your company doesn’t have the resources available to keep your Facebook updated consistently, then the platform may damage your business reputation and turn away potential customers.

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