EA will take sweeping action if Madden NFL 24 is a disaster

Madden NFL is a video series developed by EA Tiburon, the development studio under EA Sports. Thus, the game is also published under the banner of EA Sports. Madden NFL is an American football sports game. The initials NFL come from the National Football League (NFL), which is a soccer league in the United States. EA has purchased an NFL license for this game.

The name Madden refers to John Earl Madden. He is a former American football coach and American sports broadcaster. This game, which has been around since 1998, features various series for various consoles, including the mobile version. The latest version of the game will come under the name Madden NFL 24. Madden NFL 24 will be released in August 2023 and will be playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Madden NFL presents a game like you play a game like FIFA. You can play any of the teams in American football to compete. Each player can pass, throw, kick, tackle, and other common things that exist in American football. If you are not familiar with American football, it is clear that playing this game will be difficult.

Madden NFL brings new innovative gameplay and gameplay mechanics. In its newest series, EA will inject a sophisticated level of control into the two competing teams. The game also introduces new controls, including how the player handles the ball in a rush. There is a new type of game called “The Yard”. This mode allows for a backyard-style game of American football. In addition to the new mode, Madden NFL 24 will present better graphics compared to the previous series.

Get to know the MUT in Madden NFL

Madden NFL players are always looking forward to the ever-popular mode, MUT. MUT stands for Madden Ultimate Team. MUT mode was introduced in Madden NFL 10 and continues in the following series. This mode allows you to create an American football team which can be upgraded with trading cards. Today, you can buy MUT 24 coins to level up your team.

Despite the advantages, there seems to be a problem associated with the upcoming Madden NFL 24. However, the problem is not related to the technical side of the latest version. It was more of a cross of opinion about the franchise.

The company does not want more mediocrity in the franchise and it is said that the leaders of EA Tiburon are risking their position!

Madden NFL has been mired in mediocrity for years, practically abusing its place as the only officially licensed video game of the American Football League in the United States. However, the criticism and problems have reached a level that has bothered Electronic Arts and it seems that the delivery of the next season will be all or nothing for its developers.

EA Shark risks his life with Madden NFL 24

According to an Insider-Gaming report, EA has had enough of the mediocrity and disasters of its American football franchise and wants Madden NFL 23 to be the last sleazy game. According to internal sources that were not revealed, the video game company warned EA Tiburon, the study responsible for the IP, that Madden NFL 24 must be a turning point for the franchise and must avoid disaster, otherwise, the positions of the leaders of the team will be at risk. That seems to be going their way as sales of Madden 24 coins have steadily increased in recent days. It looks like fans won’t be letting go of their chance to have fun with the latest version of Madden NFL coming out in the next few months.

Even though the deliveries of Madden NFL continue to guarantee sales year after year (because the passion for American football in the US can be more than any criticism or protest) EA is not happy with the bad reputation that the IP has earned in its In recent years, even celebrity figures who are big fans have not hesitated to overwhelm recent installments due to their poor quality.

The last straw was the scandal that Madden NFL 23 experienced when a cloud bug caused the Franchise Mode to save files of over 60% of players to be lost, a situation that was considered the lowest point ever. touched the IP and even worse because those advances were lost forever, ruining the seasons and content of many players.

As a result of the above, EA would have finally taken action on the matter since in recent years it has tried to do things well with the video games it develops and launches and the reality is that it has obtained good results, so the objective would be that one of its iconic products lives up to it.

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