Drug Detoxification & Addiction Therapy of Crystal Meth

Addiction to crystal meth is growing rapidly in the U.S and the rest of the world. Crystal meth abuse can lead to drastic effects that may need professional guidance to regain the body equilibrium. Detox and addiction centers for the addiction of crystal meth are experts in dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional issues of the addict during a recovery phase.

Effects of crystal meth

Crystal methamphetamine is abbreviated as crystal meth. It is a strong CNS stimulant that is used to hurtling the CNS by forcing the brain to release large quantities of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These natural chemicals play vital roles in the regulation of your feelings and thoughts.

The user of this drug used to smoke, inject or snort the white crystalline powder of crystal meth. In large amounts, it is used to alter the chemical system of the brain, due to which your brain becomes dependent on the drug to perform its function normally. That’s why it is hard to overcome its chronic addiction.

Crystal meth dependence

The regular use of the drug causes both physical and chemical changes in the brain. Dependence on the drug increases as gradually the brain’s cells become less sensitive to the drug. So to enjoy the desired affects you have to increases the dose.

With the increase in tolerance, the brain needs an extra amount of the drug to produce the required chemicals for functioning normally. Now, if you take low doses of the drug, then you might experience withdrawal symptoms. The signs of meth withdrawal may involve:

  • Despair
  • Lassitude
  • Nervousness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Increase in hunger

Crystal meth addiction

Addiction to the drug is declared when physical dependence and signs of withdrawal appear. The meth addiction is related to the increase in dopamine, as by an increase in dopamine level you may experience happiness and serenity. Dopamine also works along with the reward system of your brain that is used to find out your attitude and motivational objects.

 As crystal meth causes the rise in the effects of dopamine so you subside all the risk to get the particular amount of the drug to achieve the desired effects.

Crystal Meth Detox

Once the brain is dependent on crystal meth for its functioning, your body will find problems working properly if you trying to quit the drug use. Ultimately, the withdrawal symptoms may develop.

These developments make it difficult to stop taking the drug due to the uneasy physical condition. It’s worthy to have the help you require to make it possible for you to complete the detox process.

The Brooklyn detox center provides you with 24/7 evaluation, mental support, and a medicinal cure to id you in regaining your body equilibrium without the use of crystal meth.

Crystal meth detox timeline

The general timeline of the crystal meth detox is as follows:

  • Days 1-3

Initial time i.e. clutter phase. You may experience despair, cravings, petulance, gaudy dreams, and somnolence. 

  • Days 4-11

During this time, withdrawal symptoms are usually related to mental and emotional health. They may involve terror, illusions, nervousness, and unhappiness. Drug cravings are extreme during this phase.

  • Post-Acute Withdrawal 

This phase is faced by those who are chronically addicted. The symptoms may include confusion, lack of concentration, despair, lack of sleep, and drug cravings.

Crystal meth addiction treatment 

The addiction treatment for crystal meth helps you to lead a drug-free controlled lifestyle. Treatment services vary from person to person, following are the general interventions usually offered:

  • Support groups
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Behavioral remedies
  • Family healing
  • Relapse preclusion training

Both in-patient and out-patient treatment plans along with different levels of support and therapies are offered depending upon the severity of the symptoms. 

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