Drink wine to a get a good health

If you feel weird after reading the title of this article, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss how wine can help you get a good heart and health and maintain it for years. It must be good news for people trying hard but cannot quit drinking alcohol or alcoholic beverages for quite a long time. So, without any further delay, let’s jump into the details.

Alcohol consumption

Let us clear some facts that there are different eligibility of age for drinking In foreign countries. For example, you can drink alcohol and alcoholic products once you are sixteen in most of the states of the USA. Texas and some other states s

Allow drinking over fourteen years old. But, some countries may require nineteen to twenty-one years of age to allow drinking. However, some Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia, Oman, and such, do not approve of public alcohol due to some religious bindings. Before you take inspiration from this article and start trying alcohol, make sure that you are above the eligible age of drinking according to your country.

Advantages of alcohol

Surprisingly, alcohol was once a part of medicine and treatment protocol. Well, even now, doctors and health care personnel use alcohol in various sectors. Here are some tremendous uses of alcohol that you would want to know.

Reducing risks

Regular alcohol consumption in a minimal amount will reduce your risk of atherosclerotic diseases by many folds. Famous researchers proved the points by testing on several patients. Alcoholic beverages also can reduce your chance of death by stroke. Stroke is a condition where your brain’s arteries become narrow due to excess fat or Embolus accumulation. Red wine acts as the potent enzyme streptokinase to break down the Embolus or fat molecules to open up the arteries’ lumen. It ensures free and linear blood flow within the cerebral arteries that save you from further injuries.

Food and beverages

Alcohol is an essential element of French, Italian, and western cuisine, and It improves the texture and taste of food by many folds. You can not imagine a famous Italian dish without olive oil and Spanish wine tints.

Disinfection and sterilization

Disinfection means freeing a surface from all kinds of microbial load except for the spores of the microorganisms. Alcohol acts as a potent disinfectant substance. You can use it directly on human skin to sterilize hands or body surface before any medical procedures. It is available in the market as hand rub or hand sanitizer solutions. Since the coronavirus pandemic came into the world, these alcohol-based sanitizing products came in trend. These are extremely helpful in eliminating the virus particles from the skin surface and preventing the virus’s entrance to the body cavities. Since there is no real treatment of the pandemic, alcohol-based sanitizers can save our back by then.


Excess of medicine makes it a poison. It means alcohol is the perfect medicine, food items, and disinfectant substance if you use it within the safety limits. Now, the safety limits may vary from person to person. For an otherwise healthy young adult and a person suffering from chronic liver disease, alcohol dosage will undoubtedly differ. According to the doctors, twelve fluid ounces of beer or five fluid ounces of wine is the safe limit for people. Exceeding this limit can harm the body and mind very much. You will slowly lose cognitive sharpness and indulge in addiction.

Alcohol can be useful for your health. But, please buy italian wine within limits.

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