Don’t Forget About Accessory Dwelling Unit Appliances

When designing an ADU, you need to take into consideration what accessory dwelling unit appliances you are going to install. These appliances should be planned for before construction begins to ensure that everything fits nicely together. If not, you could result in not having enough space for all your necessary appliances.

ADU Appliances In The Kitchen

You won’t be installing a full-sized kitchen into your ADU. Due to this, you need to plan around the appliances you do choose to implement and ensure everything fits like a perfect puzzle.

Small Ovens

Chances are the residents in the ADU will not be cooking for a large group of people. Therefore, they only need a small 24” wide oven that conveniently fits within your kitchen without problems. You can even get a slime 20” oven for more compact spaces.

Compact Dishwasher

Dishwashers save on time and money due to their efficiency. Making space for one in your ADU development plan is going to make your future residents very happy. You can get an 18” dishwasher that holds 10 place settings. That is the perfect amount for an ADU family.

ADU Appliances In The Living Room

Living rooms are usually the biggest room in a home but in an ADU, they are not always. To plan your living room space, you need to take into consideration how it will be set up to maximize comfort and functionality.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa

A sectional sleeper sofa offers storage under one end with the ability to fold out into a bed. This allows you to maximize your storage space while also creating a guest bedroom at night or a comfy bed to cuddle and watch movies on in the living room.

Full Motion TV Mount

It is hard to find the perfect place to put your TV in a small area. Plus, with limited floor space, you don’t want to have to put in a bulky stand to hold the TV. To solve this problem, you can install a full-motion TV mount.

These types of TV mounts make it easy for you to direct your TV in whatever direction you desire. So, if you are working in the kitchen and can’t afford the space to have two TVs, you can just angle the TV from the living room towards the kitchen and still be able to watch it.

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