Dogs and Marijuana: Relieving Your Dog’s Arthritis

CBD or cannabinoids is one of the different chemical compounds that we derived from the marijuana (or cannabis) plant. CBD, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, is non-psychoactive. CBD also shares metabolic pathways with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These pathways help control blood control and inflammatory responses in the body. It is recommended not to give your dog direct marijuana. Because there is not enough research to justify its use. Also, avoid products containing the primary psychoactive component of marijuana or THC. The CBD-based products can help improve your dog’s health when used with other therapies. To know more about how marijuana and arthritis in dogs, visit

Marijuana or cannabis is the dry part of the cannabis plant. Today cannabis is used for medical purposes, can also be smoked like a cigarette, consumed via food or drinks, or can even be inhaled through vaporizers.

A lot of research has been made about the effect of marijuana on dogs. This is because some evidence is there to show the therapeutic benefits of marijuana in dogs for different reasons.

Medical marijuana and dogs

If you are searching for the benefits that marijuana can have in dogs,  you must understand that it refers to CBD or cannabidiol. CBD is a compound that is found in marijuana and has medical benefits for both humans and dogs.

Some of the ways marijuana can be helpful on dogs are, it helps treat arthritis, seizures, general pain, anxiety, inflammation diseases as well as irritable bowel. The only side effect of using marijuana on dogs is, it may make your dog a bit drowsy.

Why use CBD for dogs with arthritis?

CBD can be a useful therapy for treating various health conditions in dogs like arthritis, anxiety seizures, cancer, pain management. Although the effect of CBD for each condition is under research, there is various scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness.

CBD can be helpful in inflammatory conditions as it shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs. Osteoarthritis, commonly known as arthritis, is the most common inflammatory condition. Hence it makes sense to be treated with CBD. one in four dogs is diagnosed with arthritis in their entire lifetime. Especially; when they are in their old age.  

Researches have shown that arthritis in dogs can be reduced if treated with CBD in appropriate doses. Besides, it can also provide relief from substantial pain disorder.

How does cannabis affect dogs?

The effect of cannabis on dogs is based on chemistry, just like all other drugs. After the drug enters the body through ingestion, it binds with neuroreceptors in the brain and stars to interact with the normal neurotransmitter function. Both animals and humans have two types of receptors in their bodies. One is CB1 and the other is CB2. The former affects the central nervous system whereas CB2 affects the peripheral tissues. Although not all the mechanism is yet identified, CB1 is responsible to administer maximum effects of cannabis.

How much CBD can you give to your dogs?

Although there are other treatments, giving CBD oil to dogs in the correct dosage can provide great results. The success of the medication depends solely on the dosage. Studies show that for treating arthritis or seizures in dogs the right dose can be between -2-8 mg/kg or 1-2 milligrams per pound of the body weight of your dog twice daily.

This dose is found to be most effective and safe for conditions like arthritis or seizures. Still, additional research is needed to evaluate the perfect dosage of CBD to treat different health conditions in dogs.

What’s legal

Laws are changing constantly regarding cannabis. Where many states have allowed the use of marijuana for several health needs but are still illegal under federal law. As many states have passed legislation that legalizes medical marijuana for humans, veterinarians are trying to find a clear answer for their clients who want to use cannabis as an alternative treatment option for their pets.

According to a survey conducted by CSU, 60% of dog owners have assured that cannabis has helped their dogs either moderately or in some cases to a great extent. Although the surveys provide anecdotal evidence that is quite promising, scientific research is still needed to be performed. In simple words, the use of medical marijuana although effective for dogs, veterinary science is not yet sure.

Summing up marijuana and dogs

Currently, new researches have been made on marijuana and dogs and how marijuana can help treat arthritis, pain symptoms, and many other medical conditions in dogs. Other promising researches are yet to come about marijuana and dogs.

The first and foremost thing that one must understand about marijuana is, it is derived from hemp and is not the same that people smoke or ingest to get high. If your dog is exposed to such type of marijuana, it may result in serious health complications and symptoms.

CBD is a compound of marijuana on the other hand. It doesn’t lead to getting high. But instead, can relieve various health problems as discussed above. Although many exciting types of research are being performed on marijuana and dogs, it is recommended that you should speak to your veterinarian first before administering anything to your dog. Medical marijuana although didn’t show any adverse effect on your dog’s health, but as there is a lack of research to be made, it is better to be on the safe side. A veterinarian can give you the best advice on the dosage that is right for your dog’s health condition or if you can give the medication concurrently with other medicines to your dogs.

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