Does Health Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

If you are struggling with your mental health and looking for a way to jumpstart your return to strong mental health, it may be useful to talk with someone trained in providing therapy.

Online counseling provides a host of benefits and can be one of the most cost-conscious therapy options. Thanks to websites dedicated to finding skilled therapists who will meet virtually to discuss your mental health concerns, therapy is now an accessible option for most people.

To find more information about online therapy and to find a therapist for you, try visiting the following link:

The Basics of Online Therapy

Online therapy sessions are very similar to in-office therapy sessions, except that online therapy takes place over an internet call. Patients speak with therapists via Skype, Zoom, or some other video calling application in order to work through any mental health issues that are troubling them. In order to ensure privacy and safety, the therapist will choose a video call platform that is most appropriate.

Virtual therapists are just as qualified as those therapists who conduct in-office therapy sessions, which would suggest that online therapy should prove to be just as effective as in-person therapy. It is important to remember that virtual therapists must meet the same quality-of-care standards as in-person therapists. Additionally, many of the same therapists who run in-office practices also provide online therapy as well.

Participating in online therapy is a great way to work through issues that do not require in-office attention. Numerous people derive great benefits from online therapy each day and continue to be satisfied with the level of care they receive.

If for any reason during the course of your online treatment you decide that online therapy is not right for you, you reserve the right to stop treatment and pursue other treatment avenues if you desire.

Costs of Therapy

Typically, health insurance companies cover some portion of mental health treatment when therapy is provided in an in-person format. This would include in-office sessions used for the treatment of mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

In many situations, if a patient has health insurance that covers mental health treatment and has met their deductible for the year, then the only fee they are required to pay is a co-pay for each visit. The co-pay is typically not very expensive compared to the actual cost of in-office therapy sessions.

In-person therapy can cost from $65 per session to over $200 per session, depending upon the therapist, the type of therapy needed, and the location of the therapist’s office.

As for online therapy options, it is not as typical for health insurance to cover these services. This means that you can attempt to be reimbursed by the insurance company by contacting them ahead of time, or you can plan to pay for the entire cost of services.

There are different types of online mental health services available to patients. If you would like to communicate with a therapist via text or email without meeting via a video call, you can message some therapists on an unlimited basis for approximately $40 per week. This is cost-conscious but may leave you desiring more help. If you think that speaking with a therapist over a video call would help you more than purely messaging could, then you may need to pay a higher price.

Sessions with an online therapist are usually less expensive than in-office sessions and typically run between $75 and $120 per session. This is a moderately priced therapy option that provides face-to-face treatment without leaving the comfort of your home.

It is important to make decisions about which therapy option is most appropriate for you so that you may start on the road to better mental health.

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