Does artificial intelligence endanger our humanity?

Artificial intelligence endangers our humanity, because it removes doubt, can reduce our ability to question ourselves, think, and ultimately create. Beyond philosophy, which must question uses, our communities are invited to use algorithms for the best, but keeping control and without shirking their responsibilities.

We have heard a lot that after the Covid-19 crisis, life would not be the same. We should change. Afterward, opinions diverge depending on those that each had beforehand: “We must go towards more nature, refocus the human being “, for some, when for others, conversely, “technology will help us. Save”.

What if, as often, the truth was in the middle of these two seemingly opposed notions? Or rather, does the best achievement of one not go without the other?

After sending a car into space (but inside a rocket that came back empty-handed: up there, there was no highway), recently, research teams have successfully transplanted a chip into a pig’s brain. Complicated, but the reverse would have been even harder.

It is not to this type of intelligence that the artificial intelligence discussed in this column eludes, but to self-learning computer programs that are constantly being improved, up to… how far?

It gives food for thought about the future of human intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a science fiction fad. It is developing, still in its infancy, of course, but tomorrow it will be everywhere, a generalized crutch that we will never be able to do without. Why learn since the answers are in the smartphone that you have with you all the time? You can easily feed your thinking without having to carry an encyclopedia on your back certainly. But then, why think about it when AI is going to do it better than us? Then comes the beginning of the danger…

Is the man still a man when he delegates to AI? When he forgets about AI?

But what is a Man (in the generic and non-sexed sense!)? said: “I think, therefore I am. The consciousness of being, therefore of being human, passes through thought and through my own thought. The fact that I think induces that I exist.

The certainty of being human also passes through the gaze of the other, of the other human being, who recognizes me as a peer. The AI ​​couldn’t recognize me as a peer. At best, she will define me as a human being. It is no longer recognized, it is cataloging.

But let’s come back to specture formula. I think so I am. The UK language is rich in its double meanings. I think it’s also that I’m not completely sure. So I doubt. But it is this doubt that founds intelligence. Does doubt re-examine the real, the certain, in order to reinvent it: are things as they seem to me? Why? How? ‘Or’ What? Can we reinvent them differently, to do what? Doubt leads to creativity and creativity is characteristic of man and his intelligence.

Conversely, artificial intelligence does not exist. This is also the title of a book published by, co-creator for Apple, who knows, let’s face it, his subject well. The computer is not smart. He has a big memory and he calculates very, very quickly, that’s all (but it’s huge), to redistribute what human intelligence has given him. However, some of them have been modeled and statistical models help fill in the gaps. It’s not as clean as chess, but overall we have a lot more possibilities in memory than a human player. So there is no intelligence, it is simply a mass of data and a few statistics.  

In fact, artificial intelligence is our special needs which provide us with certainties. This is its function. She must not be mistaken. It leaves no room for “maybe”. It comes to answering our questions, it fills our doubts. But if man no longer doubts, if he no longer questions himself by questioning his environment and himself with it, then he becomes less human. will introduce you some more features of AI read below;

  • Thus AI weakens or disembodies our humanity within ourselves.
  • It sounds a bit philosophical to you certainly but not only.
  • It suggests that the man must retain control

So we are, dehumanized humans, when we are already taking refuge, without waiting for the generalization of artificial intelligence, behind a very practical “it is the computer that said it”, “it comes out of the machine”. So as not to have to justify himself the algorithm is a black box where we inject data and behind which we extend our hand to obtain a result.

So what about the next step, more impenetrable than linear and traceable algorithms: self-learning artificial intelligence? Gradually, the man starts things up and the machine continues to write its own program. In this case, too, you have to know how the algorithm arrived at its result, by tracing the logic that it set up, otherwise, at the risk of arriving at biased, unjust… and therefore inhuman decisions.

But should we do without IT? Surely not

But you have to consider it, including AI, as what it is: a work assistant, a decision-making and production aid, to enhance your creativity and decision-making intelligence.

Moreover, a movement is starting to make room for AI without losing control. The city of Montreal has thus ratified the declaration of Montreal “for the responsible development of artificial intelligence “, which notably includes among its 10 principles: “The development and use of AI systems must not contribute to a disempowerment human beings when a decision needs to be made. 

Sure that tomorrow you will be using artificial intelligence. But like any good math teacher, you will ask him “how did you arrive at this result” rather than considering the only answer, even if it is good!

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