Documents Required for Car Insurance Transfer in the UAE

Car insurance is a must thing in the UAE. Proper car insurance is a must for each car owner. One of the most important steps while buying a used car is to transfer the registration. Many car users exactly don’t know about this insurance transfer process. Any car insurance is mainly of two types- third-party liability car insurance and comprehensive car insurance.

The procedure for transferring Car Insurance

There is no need to worry if you are looking for a car insurance transfer. The whole process of transfer is quite easy and simple. You can receive complete guidelines on transferring car insurance from UAE insurance authorities.

Just submit all the required documents after collecting them. There should be no delay in the car insurance transfer as the time is limited. The transfer is considered null and void if it is not done within the specified time.

Documents required for Car insurance transfer

It is always wise to clearly understand what documents are needed for any Car Insurance Transfer in the UAE. This way, the transfer work becomes easy and is completed without any hustle or bustle. The document list is short, as only a few are required for the overall process.

The main documents are:

  • Driving License of the buyer
  • Registration Certificate
  • No Objection Certificate from the previous owner of the car
  • Inspection Report of the car (It is done within the last day of filing the transfer of the car)
  • Filled Application Form
  • Certificate/ Document of existing insurance policy
  • Passport/ Emirates ID
  • Registration Certificate of the car (The name of the new owner must be included in that)

After all the necessary documents are submitted, both the seller and the buyer need to talk about insurance discount claims, premium charges, and the transfer fee that the buyer must pay.

How to transfer

The procedure of the car insurance transfer depends on the time of initiation and the insurance company. The previous car owner can take the help of an insurance agent to do the overall transfer procedure. For this, only the documents required for car insurance mentioned above are required.

You must visit the insurance office with the other party, and the agent will settle all the issues. After that, the insurance gets transferred on the same day. You must ensure the insurance company in advance about selling your vehicle.

Why is a car insurance transfer required?

Car insurance transfer is mandatory. It is necessary due to many reasons:

  • To retain a no-claim bonus: You can enjoy the facility of a no-claim bonus once you transfer the insurance of the car to the new owner. You have to get the no-claim bonus retention certificate from the insurance company.
  • To stay away from legal action or fines: The law in UAE states that you cannot drive a car without valid insurance. You might get into trouble if your car insurance still needs to be transferred. The car insurance and the vehicle registration must have the same name for valid insurance. If any discrepancy is found, then it may lead to fines.

Incomplete Transfer Process

If the transfer process remains incomplete, the new owner does not get the claims for any damages. So, one has to ensure that the insurance is fully transferred once the car ownership has been transferred to the new owner. If the incomplete transfer case is more serious, then, in that case, the car can also get confiscated by the authorities.

In the UAE, driving on the road is risky without proper documents. Proper cooperation is required between the previous owner and the new owner for the complete transfer of the insurance.

The insurance transfer process can be delayed if there is no clearance from the previous owner, proper documents are not submitted timely, the application form needs to be completed, the car inspection needs to be done, the car registration certificate needs to be submitted, etc. Transfer of insurance is completed once the clearance is issued.

Is the no-claim bonus transferable?

No-claim bonus accumulates if the policyholder does not claim during a year. This no-claim bonus is received as a reward by the company. The discount increases to 10% and 20% for every claim-free year. You can get up to 50% with some insurance companies as well.

No claim bonus cannot be transferred if the owner of the car has sold the car and the ownership is transferred to the new owner. This has to be kept in mind that a no-claim bonus cannot be transferred to the new car owner, but it can be transferred from one insurance company to the other.


Everyone cannot afford to buy a new car. So, sometimes buying a second-hand car becomes a must. Once you transfer the car ownership and the car insurance, the second person can easily take away your car without any tension.

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