Do Weight Loss Products Work?

The quest to achieve ideal body weight is one that is fraught with a lot of psychological perils, or rather, pitfalls. It may be a cliché to point this out, but it very much bears noting – popular media gives people the wrong idea when it comes to ideal shapes, appearance and body weight. That “unfair standard of beauty” is in fact a very true problem. On top of the psychological damage this can have on people, it can also drive people to hurt themselves in pursuit of a physical form that they cannot obtain. The truth of the matter is, not everyone’s ideal body weight, shape and level of fitness is the same. There is a spectrum to this, a rather significant one in fact. Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, so I’m simply pointing this out from a medical standpoint.

That said, pursuing what may be your personal ideal body weight and standard a fitness, as described by your doctor, fitness specialist and/or dietitian, is a good idea. We should strive to be in the shape that is considered ideal for our own makeup, as that will help us to live longer, healthier, happier lives. We tend to look for shortcuts with this, such as weight loss products, home exercises, and looking for the best weight loss diets we can find. Does all of this stuff work, though?

Home exercises certainly do, and an ideal, balanced diet is always a good idea. As for weight loss products? That’s a loaded question. It depends on the weight loss product, and its intentions. Many of them “work”, but there is a difference between working in a safe way, and working in a healthy way.

Avoid appetite suppressants!

Appetite suppressant concepts can be dangerous. These “diet pills”, alongside similar ones that overclock the metabolism can be very destructive to your physiology. They can mess with hormonal balances, neurochemistry, stress your heart, any number of things. Anyone old enough remembers all of those cautionary tales and afterschool specials in the 90s regarding diet pills, right there alongside things like drugs, Buy Steroids UK and other hazardous pharmacopeia.

These can work, but the way they work is a way that you should never pursue.

What about holistic weight-loss products?

This depends on what you mean by “holistic”. Alleged miracle cures or dubiously-scientific herbal blends should generally be disregarded, all of that is absolute bunk. Don’t fall for modern-day, or re-branded ancient mysticism, mysticism has no place in society, not when it comes to something as complex as the human body.

However, certain organic weight loss products designed to encourage healthy metabolism, give you energy and aid you in digestion do merit consideration. There are certain fruits, vitamins, safe chemical compounds and other things harvested from nature which can cause your body to more efficiently burn fat, as well as give you the energy needed to properly perform home exercises. Only go with trusted medical information when choosing these, and always pair these with the best weight loss diets.

A little bit about medical information…

When I allude to trusted medical information, I don’t mean random blogs online by self-proclaimed herbalists, fitness enthusiasts or the like. Trusted medical information should come in the form of information that is peer-reviewed by people in the medical profession, institutional information only. Actual doctors, whose advice, theories and statements are beholden to criticism from the FDA, their peers, and so forth. It is a peer-reviewed, take it as a grain of salt. It’s fine to read health blogs, as every-day, practical advice on fitness, nutrition and so forth is fine, but when it comes to supplements that will adjust how your body behaves, only let a doctor shape your decisions!

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