DIY Wedding Trends for 2021

DIY weddings are beautifully crafted events with lots of opportunities. They are also budget-friendly weddings and a great chance to exhibit your creative side. If you’re a couple planning to get married in 2021, you should strongly consider a DIY wedding. You’ll discover that the planning process can be very educative and presents lots of opportunities for you to spend time together as a couple.

If you do a simple search for DIY weddings, we’re sure you’ll see lots of ideas. You can explore some ideas like floral, centerpieces, even rent a chuppah. But as a modern couple, you’re probably interested in the recent options. Looking at current trends is also important because the pandemic has changed a lot of things where weddings are concerned.

You don’t want to adopt a trend and discover it would not work for your DIY wedding in these pandemic times. So, without further ado, here are the current DIY wedding trends for 2021 that you can take inspiration from.

Having the Right Priorities

Like all other kinds of weddings, DIY weddings have experienced a priority change during this pandemic. Couples have now taken into account the fact that what really matters is the love between you and your partner.

This has, in turn, had an impact on the things they spend on, and where they focus their resources. For example, backdrops have become a big trend due to priorities. How you may ask? Well, it’s simple, since your love is the most important, the moment where you say your vows becomes a priority.

That means couples are doing their best to make that moment stand out in their wedding celebrations. So, they are going for the most beautiful backdrops, wireless uplighting rental and amazing décor. You can easily get a DIY company to ship you these rentals are the best prices too.

Handling Their Own Catering

Couples are choosing to handle their own catering when it comes to recent DIY trends. You could have a barbeque, or even a three-course meal set up if that’s what you want. The way of sharing has to, of course, be waiter style to keep guests safe, but everyone will have a great time. You can have cake, pie, chocolate, popcorn and even pizza on the menu. Some couples even set out some lovely comfort food that reminds them of home. The ideas are truly limitless.

Table Décor Trends

For DIY weddings, we’re seeing mini flower pots, seed packets, and other fun ideas. These are small options that can be put on each table, and you’ll need more tables because of social distancing.  Those big magnificent glass vases are no longer necessary, just simple linen and tablecloths for your DIY wedding tables would be perfect. You can also think outside the box for place cards and escort cards at your DIY wedding.

Digitalized Weddings

From wedding invites to live streaming of weddings, this trend has taken not just the DIY wedding industry but the whole wedding industry by storm. It is also easier, less costly and very easy to handle.

DIY couples can create wedding groups to communicate with their guests and plan their wedding effectively from their phones. As for the live streaming option, just delegate one of your wedding party members to go live on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For something more interactive, you can use zoom too.

Online Shopping

DIY weddings have also harnessed this trend to the best and will do so for 2021. Nowadays, you can get everything you need for your DIY wedding at the click of a button. We’ve seen couples get wedding favors at fabulous prices and even wedding dresses. The advantage is that you have hundreds of marketplaces open to you and can compare prices to get the best deals.

Protective Trends

One of the important parts of weddings in 2021 will be keeping your guest safe from the pandemic. DIY couples could choose to make personalized masks for their wedding guests. These personalized masks could also double as wedding favors. They could ask guests to come with their masks too. They’ll also be self-sanitizing stations set up so that guests can stay safe during the wedding.

DIY Trends for 2021 have been affected by the pandemic just like other wedding trends have been too. The key is to aim for the most budget-friendly options while keeping your wedding memorable, safe and fun. Best of luck!

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