Discover How to Make US Passport Photos Online Using Smartphone

Do you want to discover the magical way of getting your passport photos online while using your smart phone? Yes? Then you can get all the information in this article.

In this time of COVID everyone likes to stay home to stay safe. But there is also such work that need to be completed in a specified time. It could either be getting your new ID card or renew passport. You have to meet the provided legal recommendations within a specified period of time. In such situations, we often get late to complete the process while dealing with other things as well. So if you are running late for your passport photo then do not worry as we have the solution for this.

With the advancement of technology, now we have the access to those online apps that can help you to get online professional photos that meet the legal requirements of the government. You can simply download them or have the access online on their website. They help you solve this issue with minimum time taken. So save your time of getting to a studio just for the sake of clicking a photograph.

Such online platform do not limit your reach for a single passport only. You can also have the US Visa Photo too.

How to get US Passport photo?

For this purpose, you need to have three things. Your smartphone, a good internet connection and a photo of yourself. If you have these three things then you can easily have a print of your passport size photos online. Following are the précised steps to get your US Passport Photos online

Step no. 1: Download the app

Step no. 2: Take a photo

Step no. 3: Upload the photo

Step no. 4: Complete the order

Step no. 5: Get the photo

On you are done with getting your photo you can use it on any kind of legal document. They fulfill the requirements by laws.

Photo taking guidelines

Following are the guidelines that you must follow before uploading a picture on the app. If these requirements are not fullfilled at your end then your file would be rejected and you might not be able to avail this online service.

  1. You should have a straight position of face and avoid posing at any different angle.
  2. You must have a plain white background with moderate Lighting. This lighting should not be having any different colors.
  3. You are not allowed to wear glasses and Jewelry while taking your photo.
  4. Your file must meet the size requirements of the online app or website.
  5. You pose should be neutral in Photo.

Is it safe to use online platform?

While using such platform our major concern is that if it is safe for us to use. All this depends on the authentication of the platform you are using. Once you reach to the right platform there is nothing that could stop you from getting high quality photos.

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