Differences in actions of Email Deliverability Tests

Do you know that 2.4 billion emails are sent every second? Have you ever thought about which several messages end up in recipients` inboxes or go directly in spam folders? Of course, we do not have precise information about it, but we know what makes your email delivery much more effective and productive.

Nowadays in the B2B world the term «email deliverability» has an important place among marketing specialists. Paying attention to it, you can boost your sales and increase the number of potential clients.

Email deliverability can be defined by its level of quality. It means that poor rates of deliverability lead to failure of your marketing campaign, losing customers, and even waste of financial investments. While good deliverability boosts your sales and guarantees successful email delivery directly to the inboxes of your receivers.

Today in connection with digital development, you can use different email spam tests which have various sets of functions starting with examining the productivity of your email marketing campaign and ending with protecting your domain. The essential difficulty is that the email market is overflowing with email instruments that demonstrate the same functions. However, such an innovative and profitable deliverability test as Folderly not only offers a complex approach to solving the issues of your campaign but also improves email delivery rates.

How Folderly’s Email Deliverability Test Works

Folderly is a digital platform, created by b22 leading generation company Belkins, that offers you conducting an analysis of your marketing processes and discovering the most productive and effective ways of boosting your delivery level up to 99%. Using this email tool, you will forget about blacklists, because your messages will be provided detailed information regarding involvement statistics.  

Folderly`s email deliverability test includes the following indicators such as performance, sender rates, the results of spam filters, and scanning of email blacklists of your domain. If you have ever faced damaging deliverability, you should choose Folderly which turns your marketing processes into a flourishing email campaign with high scores and results.  

Let’s move to the advantages of Folderly`s email deliverability test.

Advantage №1. Evaluating your domain health

The most essential function which Folderly provides is a detailed domain analysis and comprehensive report of your blacklisted emails which is based on key factors. These factors involve the synchronization of email marketing deliverability tools and specific features of your email inboxes. Due to this thorough analysis, Folderly email deliverability test helps not only you identify lists of errors and reasons for being blacklisted, but also find the ways of solving them. Folderly`s developers of this checker state in the condition of providing you with precise, processed, and segmented information, your domain`s health will be recovered. 

 Advantage №2. Functions of multiple mailboxes

The process of creating an account has become much easier. It takes approximately 60 seconds to check the spam folder quickly and professionally. We suggest you a set of functions of Folderly`s email deliverability test which includes the following:

  1. Applying unlimited amount of mailboxes;
  2. Using preventing panel of the emails;
  3. Using your preferred tools or email services due to connection with Folderly;
  4. Evaluating the functioning of your multiple mailboxes;
  5. A detailed analysis of issues and our suggestion to solve them.

It is important to note that Folderly`s experts share your proposals and pieces of advice for fixing email issues and amending email delivery scores. 

Advantage №3. Anti-spam bots as a protector

Supporting email deliverability in a good condition is a pledge of a successful marketing campaign. When the email goes directly to its recipients, on its way might be problems that should be removed immediately. One more effective Folderly`s function is activating some anti-spam bots which help eliminate problems in the email delivery process. They are characterized as a useful tool to protect your rates as the sender and show you reports about its condition. Activating them gives you not only confidence in sending emails without any troubles directly to the receiver, but also it makes your sender rates higher. 

Finally, Folderly suggests to you the set of advantages which you will get after creating your account. Using this tool, you will open for yourselves new and innovative horizons of email marketing campaigns. Figure out more functions of your email with Folderly!

Additional Email Deliverability Testing Instruments

As specialists in the email deliverability field, we offer you to be aware of more functions that are connected with email marketing. Firstly, one of them is Mail-Tester which makes free verification of your domain health by providing you with a scan of blacklists and detailed reports about the reputation of your domain and IP. Secondly, another useful email instrument is Neverbounce, the specificity of which is a thorough spam test that not only helps avoid spam endangering messages, but also it adds 5% to your domain rate that is a powerful influence on your email delivery rates. Thirdly, using shortened links harms your domain, Branch, which helps you overcome the problems which harm your domain health. So, using these services, you will be able to dive deeper into the email marketing field and strengthen your credibility as the sender.

Explore more Folderly`s email deliverability test

As we mentioned before good email deliverability is a pledge of successful marketing campaigns. We are deeply convinced that following our tips and Folderly`s strategies you will obtain an enormous breakthrough in your email delivery processes. The creation of Folderly`s account offers you many opportunities and benefits which make your email campaign flourish and show high results. Having a prominent place in the email market, Folderly`s team continually develops its functions and features to provide you high-quality service. If you want to boost your email deliverability test rates, increase potential customers, protect and ameliorate your domain health, you should choose Folderly – the tool which changes the email marketing world!

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