Detergents and their usage

In the supermarket there are all kinds of detergents: powders, liquid agents, tablets for white, colored or delicate laundry. Then there are also wash balls, soaps and washcloths. Which detergent do you use for what?

Detergents for clothing 

A mild detergent is milder for the laundry than a white or fur detergent. For example, there is no bleach in it. Not all delicates are suitable for wool and silk. Look for this on the packaging.

Wool detergents are pH neutral and contain no enzymes. They can affect natural fibers such as wool and silk. They produce more foam to reduce friction between garments. 

For which laundry?

You use a mild detergent for silk, wool and delicate synthetic fabrics. You can also use delicates detergents for hand washing. Some delicates are suitable for woollens and delicates. And others are only suitable for a specific type of delicates, such as wool wax.

With which washing program?

Many washing machines have a special program for delicates and wool wash. If your washing machine does not have this, choose a lower temperature and speed. Check mild detergent

Dose detergent

How much detergent do you need for the amount of laundry in the drum? It can sometimes be difficult to dose the right amount. For this, observe the dosage advice on the detergent packaging.

Powder or liquid detergent?

Washing powder

Powders for the whites contain oxygen bleach. For a difficult stain, such as grass or wine, or to get the laundry hygienically clean, it is best to use such a powder.

It is also best to choose a powder for colored wax if you have difficult stains. A disadvantage of washing powder is that detergent residues can remain on the laundry. If this happens, you can give the washing machine an extra rinse. 

Liquid detergent

Liquid detergents keep colors best, and have the advantage that nothing remains in the dosing tray and your machine remains cleaner. They also dissolve faster.

Tablets of detergent

You can also buy tablets with liquid detergent, which are very easy to dose. A disadvantage is that with a small wash you cannot adjust the amount of agent and residues of the capsule can remain on the laundry. You put these tablets whole in the washing machine. Keep them dry, because the foil dissolves in water.

If ease of dosing is important to you, washing machines with automatic detergent dosing might be for you.

Washing and the environment

Detergents contain substances that pollute the environment, such as microplastics. In order to burden the environment as little as possible, you can pay attention to the following: 

  • Then choose a detergent with an eco-label. 
  • Buy a concentrated laundry detergent. You need less of it, which saves on packaging material and the environmental impact of transport.
  • Make sure you don’t use too much detergent, it won’t make your laundry cleaner. It is best to follow the dosage advice on the detergent packaging. 
  • You can also opt for alternative detergents, such as wash balls, soap nuts and washcloths. Unfortunately, they don’t always do well.
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