Dear Men, Here’s How You Choose an Engagement Ring That Suits Her Hand

Each woman’s hand is distinct and unique from the other, not simply in terms of genetic composition but also in sensations felt, experiences lived, and labours endured. While finding ideal engagement rings in isolation is easy, given the remarkable variety of gemstones, metal colours, and craftsmanship available, the most vital question is – does the ring suit your beloved’s hand?

Is that question too overwhelming to answer? Well, it might be easier than you think. Fret not! By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of which engagement ring is best-suited for your bride-to-be.

Factors to Consider: The Right Ring is out There 

Start by understanding the defining characteristics of your loved one’s hands. This includes the overall size of her hand, the length and shape of her fingers, her skin tone, and whether she prefers to keep her fingernails long or short.

Why does all this matter, you ask? Well, olive, wheatish, and dark skin tones go best with warm-hued tones like gold and rubies. Fair or porcelain hands call for white tones of silver, platinum, and colourless diamonds.

Similarly, long nails give the finger an elongated look, so larger stones look better. However, trimmed nails have a shortening effect, which calls for rounder stones and a slender band.

Engagement Rings for Large Hands

Does your beloved have large hands with wider fingers? If yes, smaller stones and slender bands are a no, as they risk languishing. Either opt for a band with medium thickness sporting a large gemstone or choose a ring with two or three rows of striking bands full of diamonds.

Do not opt for narrow stones as they will show the fingers to be wider still.

Engagement Rings for Small Hands

What about ladies who have small hands with slim fingers? Naturally, the overall ring band and the gemstone proportion should be small, befitting the size of the hand.

Smaller hands, regardless of wide or slim fingers, are not meant for elaborate and ornate settings. These hands are best flattered through delicate bands or minimal and lightweight gemstones that push the boundaries of simplicity and sophistication.

Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

Ladies with long or elongated fingers are blessed enough to pull off any ring style. Even better if they prefer to keep their fingernails long.

Suppose your beloved sports long fingers; the sky is the limit. In that case, she will look as great in a traditional gemstone design as much in elaborate and quirky alternatives such as gemstones in eccentric shapes like square and hexagon.

Engagement Rings for Short Fingers

Slender short fingers sport narrow gemstone cuts such as marquise, pear, and oval exceptionally well. The setting should again be lightweight but raised, and the band slim to give the illusion of an elongated finger.

Pear cuts are most suitable for the elfin hands. Just choose the right gemstone colour based on her skin tone and you’ve got nothing to fear!

Ushering a New Era of Australian Engagements

With the above-mentioned tips, you should have no trouble choosing your wife-to-be’s ideal fit. And once you’ve scoured through engagement rings and chosen the best fit, there’s only one thing standing between you and marital bliss, right?

Not sure where to propose and how to do it? Find some much-needed inspiration here. What’s more, quit making excuses and plan the most romantic proposal ever.

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