Curbing Obesity With Gastric Balloons, the Non-Surgical Solution

Weight loss is a difficult journey for many people struggling with obesity. Popular solutions to this condition include regular exercises and dietary control. These solutions require long-term dedication and discipline. Severe cases of obesity may require more than just exercises and dietary changes as mobility and discipline may be a difficult task to accomplish.

Weight loss surgeries are extreme options for people looking for quick results and who don’t have the discipline to observe exercise routines and dietary changes. As a less invasive alternative, gastric balloons were created to help people achieve weight loss without going under the knife. Although dietary change usually follows weight loss surgeries, it is easier observed as the surgical procedure aids appetite control.

It is important to know the perfect weight loss procedure suitable for one’s condition and this can be quite overwhelming. Seeing and talking to a qualified specialist makes this easy. Some weight loss procedures include:

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgeries are weight loss procedures carried out to control appetite and food consumption in obese individuals. Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Adjustable Gastric banding are examples of Bariatric surgery.

Endoscopic Procedures

Endoscopic procedures are viable alternatives for people who are not willing to undergo weight loss surgery. They involve placing a camera-equipped flexible tube into the digestive tract through the mouth. This is not a surgical procedure.

The camera gives access to the digestive tract without having to cut or make any incision. The result of this procedure isn’t as quick as that of the surgical procedures but is safer and carries fewer side effects. The gastric balloon is the most common endoscopic procedure for weight loss.

Gastric Balloon System

This is an endoscopic process in which an inflatable device called a gastric balloon is placed in the stomach to take up space and reduce the size of the stomach. This procedure aims to control appetite by increasing feelings of satiety and slowing down gastric emptying. A person who has undergone this procedure will feel fuller for longer after eating small quantities of food. The silicone balloons are usually left to stay in the stomach for up to six months.

Gastric balloons are employed while a patient is also following a diet plan and workout routine. Studies have shown that these balloons help people lose weight in a short period and have zero mortality rates. They are generally safe and are cost-effective.

Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon endoscopy is effective, safe, and has been made simple by clinical organizations like Spatz. Intolerance and reduced efficiency after 4 months of placement of balloons has been a concern for endoscopic experts. Alleviating intolerance and prolonging balloon life was a contributing factor to the production of adjustable gastric balloons.

The development of Spatz3, the only adjustable gastric balloon in the world, has brought significant changes to the endoscopic procedure as it has greatly improved efficiency and overall performance. This device takes a short time to insert and does not require hospitalization.Spatz3 was created to accomplish the ideal weight loss transformation. Based on performance, results from clinical trials conducted by Spatz Medical U.S. SPATZ3 record the highest success rate of all weight loss balloons. It is also an answer for the two greatest difficulties of gastric balloons, efficiency, and intolerance.

Usually, Gastric balloons lose their efficiency after 4 months; Spatz3 lasts longer and is also adjustable to control weight gain/loss. Increasing the volume (Volume-Adjust up) will prevent weight regain while decreasing the volume (Volume-Adjust Down) will control rapid loss of weight.


The prime choice of long-term weight loss might be overwhelming especially if you’ve struggled with obesity for a long time. Individuals will now be able to stress less over losing excessive weight or responding to gastric balloons. The creation of Spatz3 has proffered a solution to this problem. For more information about Spatz3, click here.

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