Creating the perfect labels: A Key to Ecommerce Success

When it comes to ecommerce, each and every move of yours could be the one which decides the fate of your company’s success. From creating a plan, choosing the right platform, deciding the budget, customising the products to marketing campaigns, each step needs to be taken in the right direction to create a narrative of success in the future. And one significant step amongst it is your brand label which acts as the face of your ecommerce starting from its onset.

In today’s world, things which stand out are the ones that sell and a label helps in creating a unique identity for your brand, helping you stand out from the crowd. And therefore, the increasing popularity of label printers that specialise in creating these colourful and detailed labels. So, let us explore how this art of creating the perfect labels has become a key to any ecommerce’s success.

1. Creates brand awareness

There is no refuting the fact that the product labels of your products is what creates an awareness about your business in the targeted market. When you see a product for the first time, the label is what catches one’s attention and the label is what introduces the product. In that case, if the label is too shabby, creating the desired demand would be impossible.

Also, labels are what give consumers the clarity about any product and therefore, contribute towards establishing brand image. Considering how significant these labels are, every aspiring ecommerce owner should use the right tool for their creation. So, it’s always recommended to go all the way and use label printers for printing labels of a quality that echoes the standard and essence of your brand.

What are the elements of a good label design?

  1. Colours which stand out.
  2. Appealing graphics.
  3. A unique but easily decipherable font.
  4. A good and compatible material quality.
  5. Appropriate label size.
  6. Includes all necessary information.
  7. Provides essential information

While labels serve not one but many purposes, a simple but important thing they are meant to do is provide essential information about a product. A label is like a product’s voice that conveys everything that a consumer would be interested in knowing about the products and also speaks directly to the customer as to why they should buy a particular product. In other words, labels introduce the product in the consumer market and is like a short glimpse into what the product is all about, including its flavours and composition. So, while a thermal printer will give life to your ideas, as a label designer one should ensure that all the necessary information is conveyed and a consumer knows what they are signing up for while buying a product.

What all information should a label convey?

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Manufacturer’s name and address.
  3. Net weight and nutrition information per serving.
  4. Serving size.
  5. List of ingredients.

2. Help create a lasting first impression

In today’s world choices are never limited. Consider any product and your mind would be bombarded with so many brands selling that product. So, in this crowd of products how to ensure that your product stands out and is picked out from a rack stocked with hundreds of similar products. While product quality is what decides the fate of your product, it comes in quite late.

To even reach there, you need to first ensure that your product is picked up and consumed by the targeted consumers. And that’s why you need to make an impactful first impression through your product. And when it comes to first impressions, packaging is what does the magic because we all end up buying theses which pleases our eyes and captures our interest or curiosity.

How to create an effective product label?

  1. Always use the best tool for creating the label so as not to compromise on quality and standard. Use label printers like Zebra Mid Range Printers which are proven to produce superior quality labels.
  2. If you are printing a barcode for products, it’s better to use a direct thermal label which is of both good quality and cost-effective.
  3. Brand logos should be consistent throughout and in a design or font which stands out.
  4. Highlight the elements that you think are the USP of your product.

3. Labels echo credibility

A label is how you establish a relationship of trust with your customers. A label first introduces your product in the market and then ensures that it is remembered by those customers who wish to buy it again. Loyalty for a brand and the trust built over time is something that convinces us to try a new product launched by a brand that we are familiar with. Once you successfully establish your brand name amongst your target audience, each product that you launch would at least be tried by them simply because of this said loyalty and trust.

And what allows this to happen is the brand name included in the label and that’s what we meant when we said that labels echo credibility. Also, there is a growing trend amongst brands to include their contact information like an email address on their labels so as to show that the opinions and reviews of their consumers matter to them. And this also helps establish a credible brand image.

4. Labels influence the fate of your marketing strategies

Labels have a direct impact on a brand’s marketing. A label in a sense is your product’s identity and it’s using this identity that the product is further promoted or marketed. Consider a paid marketing campaign for a product, the label is what comes at the center of it. But more importantly, there are other organic ways in which a label promotes a product.

To put it simply, a label creates a brand image for the product in the market, establishes the credibility of the product and with time customers start pouring in simply because of the name and their prior satisfactory experience which they associate with the brand. So, both organically and inorganically, labels contribute towards generating a positive outcome out of your marketing strategies.

So, these are the ways in which a perfect label ensures the success of an ecommerce. Now that you are aware of it all, your business mind would convince you to adopt only the best practices while creating a label and using a thermal printer is one such practice.

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