Creatb biotech masks are saving you and the environment better than any other masks

The COVID-19 global pandemic taught us a great lesson of hygiene and social distancing. But, the most critical part of tackling this havoc was wearing a face mask. There was no vaccine or perfect treatment protocol earlier this year, and only a good quality mask like a surgical Or antivirus mask  was our last resort to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

But, the available surgical masks were not very convenient, and other fabrics were not providing up to the mark protection. So, the demand for a good biomask was sky high, and create came up with the best solution ever.

About Creatb

CreatB is a next-level inventor and mass production company that is combining biotech with laundry techniques. It is unique because this Hong Kong Biotech company uses the best quality reusable products to connect with the latest protective equipment to provide full proof of protection against COVID-19. It is a breathable mask and you can wash it frequently after every use. The quality will not Detroit, and the creatb mask IV series is taking full guarantee of it.

Why is Creatb better?

Masks have some chemical or physical screens on them to prevent foreign particles like bacteria, viruses, or blood droplets. The efficiency of a cover mainly depends on the pore size or filter of a show. Surgical or older masks use heavy chemicals to provide better protection and durability of the act. It was convenient until the COVID-19 spread everywhere.

Nowadays, we have to wear a mask all day, everywhere. So, these heavy chemicals can cause respiratory distress and skin irritation. Create antivirus masks are mainly cloth masks that have chelating ions in them.

What is a chelating Bismuth ionic?

Chelation is a chemical process that can submerge heavy metals of foreign precipitate in a solution. Using a chelating agent can also act as a photosensitive element to fasten the process. CreatB is using chelating bismuth sulfate ions as the chelating agent in the masks. This company has combined high-grade biotech with modern laundry technology. So, the chelating agents are inside the fabric threads permanently.

Advantages of it

A permanent chelating agent in the mask ensures that the protective layer will not wash away if you clean it with detergent or other Washing supplies. So, it is durable and provides environmental protection. Also, these masks are not very pricey, and you can save a lot as you don’t have to buy one every day before going out in public.


Most of the chemical-based masks use Photocatalytic chemicals to activate the protective function of the show. It can vary from one formulation to another, and the protective quality is not promising. But, the Creatb lab uses bismuth ionic, which is a Photocatalytic substance that activates immediately to provide you better protection even within one to three feets

Environment friendly

Creatb masks are breathable and use clothes as the primary element. It is more durable, and recycling is possible more quickly than other synthetic masks. Also, the degradation time is less in creatb masks than different facial masks that use chemicals and plastics to create the filter inside the mask. Nowadays, as we have to use it every day and change masks frequently, we all should switch to an environment-friendly option and provide it at less cost.


Many mask brands are available in the market, claiming to protect you and your family against the covid virus. But, only create has proper papers of subject testing and approval from the authorities with proof of the promises.

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