Copper Exploration Is A Critical Process

In our everyday life, we consume various materials that facilitate our livelihood. Minerals and metals are the most important among other immortal substances, making us sustainable, economic, and technically advanced. One of the most critical metals, copper encompasses plentiful desirable properties which increase its practicality.

Why Is Copper In Demand?

To date, about 700 million metric tons of copper are produced worldwide. Copper is a soft yet tough, malleable, ductile metal highly utilized in the electrical industry. It has excellent heat and electricity conductivity. The copper has an attractive appearance as the pure copper is reddish-orange. Other qualities include antibacterial, non-magnetic, alloying properties, catalytic, corrosion, and fouling resistance. Since it can be easily drawn into wires, you will find traces of copper in electrical equipment. A large quantity of copper is also used for construction purposes like plumbing and roofing.

Copper Exploration

Copper is the third most commonly mined element in the world. The vital contribution of copper to sustaining and improving society cannot be neglected. This is why copper will always be in demand, and mining or recycling is essential. Talking about copper production, the mining process only begins after exploration. Exploration is the process of searching for the locations where mineralized rock or deposits are found. This process may cost according to copper’s current demand and value in the marketplace. Copper exploration on a large scale is necessary to increase additional future production capacity.

Nowadays, technical development in the tools and machinery has simplified the process of identifying ore deposit patterns. The miners have to formulate an effectively savvier exploration strategy to achieve a desirable result. Copper can be discovered in its native or pure form, but it is often found mixed with other minerals. Geological information is being collected from several locations, searching for evidence of mineralization. Various companies you will come to know are dedicated to mineral exploration and development. Collective Mining and Rio Tinto are amongst those companies working hand-in-hand with the stakeholders to develop a mutually beneficial future complying with sustainability norms. Collective mining (CNL.V) is advancing exploration on large copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry targets in Colombia.

Exploration and prospecting are often done simultaneously, and it may take several years and may cost between $500,000 and $15 million. Modern prospection demands expertise in geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. Geology experts often visualize the area for examination, and Geophysics experts incorporate varied methods to study rock alterations in a particular region. Geochemistry involves analyzing the samples of rock and soil. Furthermore, the size and value of the deposit are evaluated, which has been discovered. The exploration process also involves contractual arrangements with the landowner to avoid legal consequences.

In the End

Copper is prized with numerous qualities that raise its value for humankind. Copper exploration can be a daunting process that involves the strength of machinery and skills of the geologists. Exploration is a strategic process as it requires patience and persistence also. This is because it may take several years from discovery to mine setup.

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