Cope up with the pandemic with online video games

We sure all feel that life is so boring nowadays because of the pandemic. Depending on the area, outdoor activities, restaurant dine ins, get-togethers and parties, aren’t always allowed or are limited depending on the area. Although not all was lost, but we can’t always enjoy the things we used to love doing pre-pandemic, especially those done outside our home. Instead of thinking what ifs and might-have-beens, we find ways how to make the most of our time inside the home while ensuring our safety.

At the start of this pandemic, we used to enjoy gardening, baking and cooking, doing arts and crafts, but routinary activities are tiring. We find most of those activities boring as times pass by. We’re thinking now – what else can we do to relieve the stress this uncertainty is causing us, while we stay home? Here’s a trick – you can spend some time playing online video games and here is a site where you can find a lot of games with different categories to enjoy.

You can quickly play any games via your browser at No apps installation needed, no need to upgrade as your game progresses. There is also no need to provide your personal details in order to play any game, therefore your personal info is safe; unlike those popular mobile games today that are invading your privacy, asking for phone numbers, emails and other very important and pertinent information that we usually need not share online for our own safety. The site features free and fun online games. With the goal of adding a bit of joy to people’s lives while they are stuck at home due to the pandemic, anyone who would play the game will surely feel nostalgic of the time when people used to play via a console – the Nintendo Era.

What makes’s online video games unique?
The usual and popular online games or mobile games available today requires downloads, upgrades, paid in-game items and character boosts. You’ll find it surprising that all the games you’d find from the site are different from what is currently gaming does not revolve around hyper-optimizing design, it has no ads featured and has no paid upgrades. You need not stress yourself out because games are casual and you don’t have to pay any amount just to continue playing them. At this online video gaming site, you will not find any of those sorts of trends in the mobile gaming world of today, but still the games are awesome and they are all family-friendly, safe for players of any age. The video games are super simple, some are easy to finish, some in-game opponents are easy to beat. Since the site does not aim to establish addictive loops, you can play with less stress and less pressure, just chill and have fun.

Despite the stress we would all feel from time to time because of the fear from this invisible enemy lurking almost everywhere, technology finds a way how we can cope up in this trying times. The safest place today is our humble abode and the most comforting zone is with our family. This will be over soon, but while the virus is still here, we better enjoy, bond and spend more quality time with our family by playing online video games like those from

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