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Construction workers misuse opioids

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Drug addiction among adults has been steadily developing within the last tens of years. A U.S. government organization, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, has investigated whether there are any specific factors that accelerate this boost and found out that the place of employment plays one of the key roles in this phenomenon.

The results of the research show that the representatives of the labor-intensive professions, including construction workers, are most likely to suffer from drug addiction.

Why builders are in the risk group and how to reduce opioid abuse with drug and alcohol awareness class, continue reading to find the answers. 

5 Reasons Why Builders Are Addicted To Drugs

  • The labor-intensive work. 

It is not a secret that working at the construction site requires a lot of physical effort and energy. Therefore, the use of marijuana among the employees might be seen as the method to reduce muscle pain after hours of hard work.

  • Unstable job.

The research also shows that the workers who have unstable jobs or miss work regularly are more likely to use drugs. Such a tendency signals the harmful impact that job insecurity has on employees’ lives. 

  • Injuries.

What makes the work at the construction site dangerous is the risk of falling and injuries. Often when such misfortune happens to the workers, they receive prescription opioids for treatment. This familiarizes the employees with the harmful substances, and they are more likely to use them for non-medical purposes afterward. 

  • Low pay.

Risk and challenging conditions must be balanced with the appropriate salary. When the construction workers receive low pay, it may often lead to depression, mental disorders, and drug abuse, as a result.

  • Stress.

On top of all other conditions, builders might often feel pressure because of the short deadlines. The constant disturbance is a secure way to the long-lasting stress and marijuana or opioid abuse to “heal” it.

Ways To Reduce Drugs Misuse Among Construction Workers

A well-planned sst course educates the employees on the causes and effects of drug abuse and is one of the most effective methods for drug addiction prevention. The training brings phenomenal results thanks to presenting the risks which drugs bring to jobs and personal lives of the workers and helping them to find the true reason for their problem.

Along with the professional training, it is recommended to cultivate alternative stress relief methods such as music, meditation, or exercising. These can also be used within the working hours, for example, the introduction of listening to music during work. Positive feedback on employees' mental health is guaranteed.

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