Compression Bonding For Ultra-Fine Wires Connection

In many modern medical devices, miniatured sensors and transducers are the essential parts. As micro coils are the basis of these components, the demand for tiny micro-coils is increasing. On the other hand, to manufacture the micro-coils, manufacturers require to connect ultra-fine wires. For connecting two ultra-fine wires, there are some connection methods, among them, the most effective method is thermal compression bonding.

Thermal Compression Bonding:

Due to many limitations of traditional methods such as soldering and welding methods, most modern-day manufacturers rely on thermal compression bonding. Compression bonding for ultra-fine wires connection has become the only remedy for all the constraints that traditional methods used to face.

If you can imagine a wire of 5 to 10 times smaller in thickness thana human hair, that much thickness an ultra-fine wire has. The diameter of an ultra-fine wire is about 9 microns and to make the connection of these tiny ultra-fine wires, thermal compression bonding is essential. This bonding is also effective to connect an ultra-fine wire with another ultra-fine wire 12 times thicker in diameter. Joining the ultra-fine wires is essential for the building of the components. The traditional methods can neither fulfill the ultra-strict requirements of the components nor can overcome the physical and environmental challenges.

Benefits of Thermal Compression Bonding:

There are several benefits of using thermal compression bonding such as-

  • This bonding technology is effective to reduce the possibility of oxidation and enhance the reliability of the connection.
  • Compression bonding protects the sensitive components and reduces the noise level.
  • The bonding also relieves strain at the connections.
  • Due to the mass production ability of the compression bonding, production costs become low.
  • Automated thermal bonding technology helps to eliminate human errors.
  • Thermo compression bonding can connect- i) miniature copper thermocouples of this bonding technology connect ultra-fine wires, ii) thicker intermediate wire can connect two different metals in a micro-coil, iii) using a support system with metal-plated terminals, thermal compression technology can connect micro-coils.

In the form of molecular connection, this technology helps to provide strain-free, corrosion-free, and high reliable joints. In order to produce the state-of-the-art micro-motion control and to position the systems of wind coils, ultra-fine wires are useful. Therefore, it is essential to use effective technology to join these ultra-fine wires.


As thermal compression technology is valuable to connect different ultra-fine wires and finally to manufacture the micro-coils, therefore, in order to understand the usefulness of this technology, we need to recognize the applications of the micro-coils. Micro-coils are useful to prepare pain management devices and in the controlling of brain stimulation components and implanted pacemakers. In the cardiac and neural treatments and in other therapeutic applications using microwave and radio frequency, micro-coils are essential. Micro-coils are also useful to prepare the sensors for dental and orthopedic treatments. Besides diagnostic use of wireless communication with sensors implants, micro-coils are necessary to manufacture orientation and navigation sensors. As the demand for micro-coils is increasing to create medical devices, thermal compression bonding for ultra-fine wires connection is becoming an essential part of the manufacturing process.

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