Comparing the Potential of Stucco Restoration Versus Stucco Replacement

One look is all it takes to realize that one or more stucco surfaces need some help. What will you have to do in order to make things right? On the one hand, the option for some sort of stucco restoration might work. Would that be better than arranging a stucco replacement? Here are some points to ponder before making a decision.

The Issue of Stability

Whatever you go with, you want the stucco to remain stable and sturdy. The good news is that replacing the old stucco would mean ensuring that the finished product had both of those qualities. You would like the look, and it would mean that the damage was gone from now on.

At the same time, restoration can provide these qualities. When done by an expert, the repairs will ensure that the stucco once again has all the strength and stability that it had in the past. You can depend on it remaining that way for a long time.

The Best Possible Appearance

It’s not enough for the surface to be sturdy once more. You also want it to look the way that it did in the past. Opting for new stucco would do that. In fact, you may find that it looks better than it has in some time.

Restoration will also produce the look that you want. Once the issues are corrected, the next phase is to ensure that all signs of the previous damage are removed. After the work is done, you will find it difficult to tell where there was any damage in the first place.

The Time Factor

How long would it take to remove the old stucco and restore new material? Keep in mind there’s the need to rip down what’s in place, prep the area, and then install the new stucco. While that seems like a straightforward process, everything must be done in a way that ensures the finished wall or other surface is perfect.

Opting for a stucco restoration also requires attention to detail and will require time to do properly. The difference is that restoring the older stucco is likely to take much less time than ripping out the old and putting in the new. If time is important, your choice is clear.

The Expense

Most property owners have to consider the cost of any type of home repair project. This is certainly true when it comes to making decisions about damaged stucco. For this reason, the best thing to do is to have a contractor assess the damage and provide some pricing for both a restoration and a replacement.

While the extent of the damage plays a major role in the cost, there’s a good chance that the restoration will be more cost-efficient than replacing it all. The expert can point out why this is the case and what factors lead to the difference in cost.

Never assume there is only one option to pursue when the stucco in your home could use some help. Get advice from an expert, up to and including some information on the cost. Once you have more information at your fingertips, making the decision that’s best in your case will be a lot easier.

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