Common Services Available at Triad Internal Medicine

Generally, ensuring you remain healthy in all aspects, physically, emotionally, or psychologically is essential. In that case, you should seek medical help when there is a deviation from normal to ensure you function optimally. However, if you are not healthy in all aspects of your health, you should seek medical help for early illness diagnosis and prompt treatment of conditions. Therefore, you can seek triad internal medicine services that ensure comprehensive care that helps prevent illness and promotes your overall health. Examples of services available include:

STD testing

Your care provider may require you to undergo STD testing, especially if you have multiple partners or are experiencing symptoms that suggest you might have the infection. Therefore, you should be tested when you have genital warts, experience burning while urinating, have flu-like symptoms, have sores around the genitals, or have abnormal vaginal discharge. It would help if you considered getting tested because some uncomfortable symptoms may become complicated, resulting in infertility.

Weight loss management

Usually, weight loss does not only involve reducing your body size, which makes you look and appear in a certain way. In most cases, your health might be affected by losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy body size. If you are overweight, you are more likely to develop gout, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, infertility, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, or certain types of cancers. Therefore, if you got any of the above conditions, you are advised to consult a weight management specialist to guide you through.

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine usually protects your overall health, avoids premature death, and prevents illnesses and disabilities. Most people believe it is much easier to prevent acute or chronic diseases than to treat them, which is the primary principle applied in preventive care. Several preventive services are offered, including disease screening.


Immunizations are typically given to help strengthen your immunity, thus protecting you from certain diseases in the future. You can be immunized against measles, chickenpox, Haemophilus influenza type b, hepatitis A and B, human papillomavirus, shingles, rubella, pertussis, polio, pneumococcal, and mumps. In that case, your care provider usually determines the vaccines you need and ensures you receive all of them at the right time.

DOT physicals

Commercial vehicle drivers are always advised to undergo physicals to help ensure they are in good health to operate the vehicle safely. In most cases, the transport department requires you to have physicals performed, the results returned to them, and qualified or approved specialists must perform them. Usually, a DOT physical should expire after twenty-four months. You should also note that the physical checks your eyesight, overall health, physical fitness, and hearing to ensure you can operate a vehicle topportal.

Other services available include urgent care, flu shots, chronic disease management, primary care, internal medicine, lab testing, and walk-in clinics. Therefore, you can schedule your appointment at Triad Internal Medicine today and receive any of the above services to help promote your overall health or undergo tests to help determine your state of health or whether you are fit to undertake certain tasks. Your primary focus should be ensuring you are healthy, and you should seek medical help every time your state of health deviates.

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