Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Summers are back in action again. This means all the air conditioners have to come back into business after a long winter break. The air conditioner is a kind of machine that can maintain the temperature at a normal level no matter what the temperature outside. But these machines face a lot of repair problems, especially in peak summers. Is it due to the rising temperatures? What are some issues you can encounter? Here are some common issues you might face with your AC. Get them repaired by  air conditioning in Patterson.

Running 24/7

Air conditioners are mostly divided into various parts: compressor, condenser (a fan), evaporator (a fan), refrigerant cooler, evaporator fan motor and outdoor unit. The compressor is generally responsible for ensuring that all parts of the system are operating properly. Air conditioning  runs all the time during summers. This can cause crucial issues in the important parts, especially the compressor. It is good to give the conditioner some breaks in between and let it rest.

Refuses to Turn On

A very common problem is the AC not turning on. This means there is an issue with the wiring. Or maybe even the circuit and thermostats. Do not try to open it up yourself. Instead, have a professional from Patterson look into the matter, or you might end up hurting yourself.

Air Is Not Cold

Sometimes, the airflow from the AC is not the required temperature. You might hear the air conditioning working, but the air is at the room temperature. This issue is initiated because the circuit breaker trips. Quite easy to fix and does not take time either.

Another way you can experience this issue is that the air that flows out is hot. And that is like experiencing hell in the already sweating weather. A very dirty filter can be the reason behind this common problem. If the compressor is overheated, hot air is the result. So it needs to be cleaned and cleared of any junk around it.

Leaking Air Conditioner

A very annoying issue is when the AC keeps leaking. The water can ruin anything around it. It stains and ruins a big chunk of the wall. If the drainage system of the AC is clogged, water leaks can occur. An overall check-up for the air conditioning and some cleaning by Patterson can solve this issue in no time for you. However, if the leaks continue, you need to get the whole unit thoroughly looked at.

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