Commercial vs. Residential Refrigerators

Not all refrigerators are created equal. There are two main types of refrigerators on the market, commercial and residential. But what does that really mean? Below, we’ll cover the different types of refrigerators and the key differences between the two to give you an idea of what would best suit your needs.

What is a Residential Refrigerator

A residential refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a compressor and air conditioner to keep the contents at a cool temperature. The standard size of a residential refrigerator is around 23-40 inches wide and 62-72 inches tall. Residential refrigerators are typically decent for at-home use and can comfortably contain enough food for a small to average-sized family. These refrigerators are usually divided into two sections with a small freezer compartment that stays at a lower temperature than the large refrigeration portion of the fridge itself. This can mean limited space for some items. These refrigerators are often more fragile and not as sturdy as commercial ones. Still, this quality is easily overlooked due to the fact that most in-home refrigerators won’t need to take any kind of heavy usage and wear over time.

What is a Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are known to be much stronger than your average home refrigerator. The exterior is often a stainless steel or scratch-resistant material like polished glass, which can withstand heavy usage and hold up well against corrosion over time. Commercial refrigerators are built in much larger sizes to handle the demands of a commercial kitchen. They generally need more space in a room and have improved cooling abilities tailored to that extra space inside. These are most commonly used in restaurants and other commercial kitchens instead of in-home use.

Similarities Between Commercial and Residential Refrigerators

The first similarity between the two is, well, they’re both refrigerators. They have the same function essentially and are designed to keep food cold. You might not ever see a residential refrigerator being used in a commercial setting, but that’s more due to the fact that it couldn’t handle the workload. Recently there has been a trend of commercial refrigeration units being installed in personal homes for ease of use and excellent storage capacity. If you have a budget set aside for potential commercial appliance repair, then this could serve as an excellent option for you should you ever find yourself needing a larger, more durable refrigerator for home use.

Key Differences Between the Two

One of the most apparent differences clear to the naked eye is the overall size of the refrigerator body itself. A commercial fridge is going to be a lot larger than your average residential fridge in anticipation of holding more product. These monstrously large refrigeration units can be a great alternative to standard fridges if you find yourself hosting dinners often, having a larger than average family, or doing a lot of meal prepping and storing things for more extended periods. But they can also bite into your wallet long-term if they end up being a bit larger than you bargained for. More space internally means more power to cool the fridge, costing you long-term. It also will take from your overall kitchen space that could be utilized in other ways by adding extra countertops or other handy appliances. Aside from the size, you generally will be expected to use more specialized maintenance for a commercial refrigerator due to the extra skills a technician will need to keep your fridge running optimally.

Whatever you decide to go with, they both can surely get the job done! There are reliable refrigeration units of both styles. After weighing the pros and cons, it’s best to choose the fridge that will fulfill your primary needs.

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