Choosing The Best Mp4 To Mp3 Converter for you

When you need the mp3 version of a video, choosing a suitable converter can be a daunting task, especially with the sheer number of mp4 to mp3 converters there are to choose from. More often than not, people get stuck trying to choose which one to use, and they end up going with a converter that gives them low-quality results and possibly even other problems.

Based on their performances and relevance, below are 9 of the things you should bear in mind when choosing the best mp4 to mp3 converter to use.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Mp4 to Mp3 Converter

1. Ease of use

The ease at which you are able to have an mp4 file converted to an mp3 file is one of the essential things to consider when picking a suitable converter. The easier it is to understand and correctly use the features of an mp4 to mp3 converter, the more likely you are to get the results you want.

Therefore, it goes to say that a more difficult converter will pose more problems during use.

2. No pressure to buy or pay for something you might not need

It is rare for you to look up something online and not be bombarded with ads, offers of subscriptions, and things to pay for. For this reason, when choosing a site to change videos to audio, one thing to look out for is if you would have to pay before you have access to even the most basic of conversions.

On this note, while it is sometimes more convenient to get a premium subscription, several sites offer some fascinating conversion deals for free. On, for example, you can convert up to 5 mp4 files daily, all for free!

Some other sites like and allow you directly convert selected YouTube videos and clips into audio, and they offer these and other incredible conversion deals at no cost at all! So you can be sure that you are getting all that your money is worth if you decide to get a paid subscription with them.

3. Supported input formats

Imagine how truly frustrating it is to find a video you like and would like to have as audio, but then you realise that you cannot have the audio version simply because of its original format. While many mp4 to mp3 converters out there are limited in the number of formats your videos have to be converted, there are still some good sites you can access. In addition, some sites support the conversion of videos of well over 20 different formats into audio, so you need not worry much about finding a good conversion site.

4. Helpful tools

While video conversion sites are pretty common to find, it is trickier to find one with built-in features that allow you to tweak your videos. Therefore, when choosing a site to convert your mp4 file, you would do well to go with one that allows you to modify your video features.

On evano, for example, you have the freedom to determine the specifications you want for the audio file you will eventually get. You can make changes to things like the frame rate, the dimensions of the video, and so on, and this will help you get an audio output that completely satisfies you.

5. Speed of conversion

There is a need for just about everything to conform to a particular speed in this fast-paced world, and it is no different in this case. The speed at which an mp4 to mp3 converter runs will go a long way to tell you just how reliable it is and how likely you are to get your desired audio without complications.

A good video converter should produce good results at an acceptable speed, no matter the number of videos you want to convert, so you would do well to remember this tip before you decide to go with a converter.

6. Output quality

There is no point going through the stress of converting an mp4 to mp3 when the sound quality produced is low, so the quality of the sound you will get should guide you in choosing a good converter.

You can select the quality or bitrate of audio you want in the end, but a good converter is supposed to have a range to suggest the quality of audio you will get.

7. Security

 Many people have fallen victim to security breaches and virus problems because they used the wrong mp4 conversion site. So when selecting, check for the site’s level of security before you make your upload, and be wary of downloading files you do not recognise or files that seem suspicious.

8. Supported playback devices

The reason for getting the audio version of a video you like is so you can play it on any device of your choice. So if the website you intend to use does not allow for the audio to be played on the devices you want, then step back and look elsewhere.

An acceptable conversion site allows you to play your extracted audio file on any device you want to.

9. Bonus features

Finding an excellent mp4 conversion website is even better if the site you choose has a feature that hooks you up with other sounds and videos that are similar to the one or ones you had in mind. A genuinely satisfactory experience takes in what you offer, gives you what you want, and seeks to make it better by offering suggestions. That way, you can even create a playlist on your mobile device of related content.


In conclusion, converting from mp4 to mp3 is no longer the arduous or anxiety-inducing process it was years ago, what with the plethora of reliable conversion websites and platforms available now. By following the tips above, you can be sure of finding a good website to seamlessly turn your videos into audio like a pro, without any regrets.

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